Pakistan’s Ahmadis: Traitors or Patriots ?

A never seen before video on Pakistan’s most taboo topic, Ahmadiyya Muslim community and how they’ve been unjustly treated by Pakistani legislation and politicians. The hypocrisy of leaders like Imran Khan has further driven a wedge between the Pakistani society and Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. This video also highlights the achievements of copious Ahmadi Heroes who have selflessly endured for the safety and success of Pakistan, but it’s incredulously outrageous that stories of their struggle has been lost behind the veil of bigotry and prejudice—they’re nowhere to be found in our history books. It’s time we celebrate their legacy and bring their glory in the limelight! Hopefully, it narrates the tragedy of Ahmadi Apartheid eloquently to those who’ve been oblivious to this state-sponsored persecution! Still hanging in with the hope of reviving Jinnah’s Pakistan one day.