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Rabwah Times Office in 2008
Rabwah Times Office in 2008

Rabwah Times  (ISSN No. 2415-5616) is an independent digital news publication which has delivered top quality news, opinion, and analysis for over a decade. It was founded in 2006 by Ehsan Rehan, who has served as the editor-in-chief of the publication since then. The publication adheres to Independent Press Standards Organization’s (IPSO) code of conduct for editors.

Rabwah Times started from Chenab Nagar, Pakistan, a small city of just over 90,000 residents. The city only had one religious periodical and no independent newspapers.

Today Rabwah Times is the city’s largest newspaper with an international readership exceeding 1 Million. The publication currently has contributors from over 10 countries and over 100,000 digital subscribers.

We have built a reputation through fearless-reporting while upholding the journalistic standards in the high-risk environment of Pakistan. Rabwah Times’ reporters and editors face challenges every day to protect its editorial content from commercial, political and religious interests.

Rabwah Times has been recognized for it’s reporting on minorities and religious freedom violations by leading International organizations and Governments which include U.S. Justice Department, UK Home Office, Amnesty InternationalAustralian Government, Canadian Government, USCIRF & APC.


At Rabwah Times we have teamed up with leading news networks like Google News, Bing News & Apple News to make sure that our reports and multimedia content are accessible across borders to a multitude of diverse audiences.

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Rabwah Times is always open to contributors, authors and citizen journalists. If you would like to write for Rabwah Times, you can do through our  submission page. For more details or questions, you can  contact us here.