Muslim Council of Britain’s affiliate Khatm-e-Nabuwat calls for killing of Ahmadiyya Muslims

Muslim Council of Britain’s affiliate Khatm-e-Nabuwat calls for killing of Ahmadiyya Muslims

The controversy surrounding the murder of Ahmadiyya Muslim Asad Shah has taken another surprising turn. After the murder Muslim Council of Britain released a statement reaffirming their stance that Ahmadis are not Muslims. The MCB is affiliated with ‘Khatm e Nabuwat‘ an anti-Ahmadiyya organization responsible for distributing hate leaflets in London which called for the death of Ahmadi Muslims. 

The leaflets which are undersigned by the Aalmi Majlis-e-Tahafuze KhatmeNabuwat (AMTKN) of Stockwell Green were distributed at several London locations and have been obtained by IBTimes UK.

MCB affiliate KhatmeNabuwat describes itself as “an international, religious preaching and reform organization.

According to the website the organization arranges conferences in UK on the belief that Prophet Muhammad is the last Prophet. These conferences specifically target Ahmadiyya sect of Islam which believes that their founder was a Prophet whose coming was foretold by the Prophet Muhammad himself. For this belief the Ahmadiyya Muslims are branded as heretics and apostates by groups like Khatm-e-Nabuwat. AMTKN website states that anyone who does not believe that Prophet Muhammad is the last Prophet should be killed.

Denier of Khatm-e-Nubuwwat element of Nubuwwat is infidel, traitor, and biggest liar. His punishment is the Same as that *Muselema Kazzab (A person who according to some Muslims was killed for claiming to be a Prophet.)”.

A Khatm e Nabuwat related Facebook page also celebrated the murder of Ahmadiyya Muslim Asad Shah who was killed by a Dawat-e-Islami member in Gasgow.

The AMTKN website describes how their preaching activities are not limited just to Pakistan but are spread over different countries including the UK

Aalmi Majlis Tahaffuz Khatm-e-Nubuwwat arranges preaching and reform trips and conferences in many countries of the world e.g. U.K, U.S and Africa etc.”

AMTKN publishes a weekly “Khatm-e-Nubuwwat” magazine from Karachi and a monthly “Laulak” magazine from Multan. Both of these magazines are filled with extremist content and both have published rulings that anyone who “disrespects Prophet Muhammad” should be killed. The same reasoning and words used by Tanveer Ahmad, the killer of Asad Shah.

AMTKN’s monthly magazine Laulak specifically mentions anti-Ahmadiyya laws of Pakistan and declares Ahmadiyya belief to be heresy which should be punished with death. Another edition of monthly Laulak references a book chapter that details the success KhatmeNabuwat has had in the UK. The book titled “Ehtsabe Qadiyanyat” which translates into “Holding Qadianis (Ahmadis) Accountable” was published by AMTKN in 2009.

AMTKN’s weekly “Khatm e Nabuwat” magazine which is published from Karachi, Pakistan declares that any one who leaves Islam to become “Qadiani” (Ahmadi) is WajibulQatal (should be killed).

Meanwhile their Facebook page lists that “Khatm e Nabuwat is protection of Islam, and that is the biggest Jihad, anyone who dies fighting for this is a Martyr.” Another one of AMTKN’s Facebook post declares that “All Qadianis (Ahmadis) are Blasphemers like Slaman Rushdie”.

Screenshots in of Khatm e Nabuwat hate material calling for the Killing of Ahmadiyya Muslims.



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9 thoughts on “Muslim Council of Britain’s affiliate Khatm-e-Nabuwat calls for killing of Ahmadiyya Muslims

  1. In Pakistan , such perpetrators have no fear of punishment. I wish that west shoul be on its guard to put a strong check on them for they are the real threat, with their extremist and dogmatic approach, to a peaceful society.

  2. Outfits like this “Khatme Nubuwat” must be thrown out of the West back to their holes in Pakistan. Anyone inciting their fellows to take the law in their own hands and murder the members of a peaceful Ahmadiyya Community is illegal and has nothing to do with Islam of Prophet Muhammad (saws).
    These ignorant mullahs have no knowledge of True Islam, their aim is to spread hatred.
    These mullahs have a political agenda to cause havoc wherever they are and in particular in Pakistan. These Mullahs and their forefathers opposed the creation of Pakistan and then meekly settled in Pakistan and changed their Party name from Majlis Ahrar to Khatme Nubuwat and started going after the peaceful Ahmadiyya Community to hide their past and have caused many assassinations of Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan and now they have moved into Britain and Europe. They must be checked and chucked out before they become menace in this Country (Britain).

  3. These people are trying to find a short-cut to heaven by spreading and preaching hate. Unfortunately, for them, it is not as easy as the killing of our Jama’at members but don’t these ignoramuses know that it is not THAT easy to acquire heaven?!

    They are like a cancer, spreading their hate all over the world. What do they get from doing such things? DEFINITELY NOT heaven!!!!

  4. I appreciate your sentiments Mr. Khan, but these fanatic Mullahs have only this topic to earn their bread & butter. If the restrictions on Ahmadis are removed from preaching the teachings of Hazrat Masih Maud a.s through their literature and media in Pakistan, these extremist Mullahs will die of starving.

  5. Bring to us Khatme Nabouwat!!
    Wafate Massih !!
    Hayate Massish !!
    The Holy Quran and the Hadees will kick your buts in our favour !!
    You will indifinately be wronged against both !!
    We prove and approve our facts through both logic and approach with the most authentic explanations to the world at world stage !!!
    All those lines Syed above should be apprehended, persecuted, prosecuted and stripped of their citizenship against our democracy of the democratic world & nations !!
    This is who these murderers do everywhere they go with their horse tail beards !!
    Astaghfirullah !!!

  6. You owe fiddyya to Islam !!
    And that is ???
    Death of Jesus !!!
    That’s what Islam needs from you !!
    In declaring him dead is life of Islam !!!
    Ahmadyyat will flower flourish and grow !!!
    We will win in every way !!
    Truth never dies !!!
    Try your utmost, level best !!
    MTA international our God gifted pride,descends from heaven with Isa (as) 24/7, around the world, in each of your bedrooms gracefully !!
    How can you stop us !!
    Will you still dare !!??

  7. Do your best 72 combined !!!
    Utmost best against us !!!
    You will fail to bring us down !!
    Ahmadyyat true Islam !!
    Pristine !!
    Love for all Hatred for none !!!
    We prays for you all 72 !!!
    You can kill all you want we will not die !!
    Bring back Jesus son of Mary of Nazareth we will die a natural death !!
    You will never succeed !!!
    Inshallah !!!

  8. Seriously ??!!!!
    These apes and monkeys living in the west with this mindset !?!
    Are these morons in their senses !!?!?
    Do not not ever learn how we live by the law of the land ??!!?
    We have a lawful, peaceful, humane, loving society !!!
    And these illiterates, Ignorant ones bring their arrogance with them !!!
    Wherever they come from !!
    And wish to practice their barbarism here ?!?!?
    Send them right back to where they belong and never let them back into the west !!!!
    Ask and apprehend these beasts, persecute and prosecute them !!!
    Let the full streghnth of the law dish them justice !!!
    Strip their citizenship a and push them behind bars until such time they wish to reform !!!!
    Bigot, Cowards !!!