Kashmir separatist leader issues warning against Ahmadiyya Muslim minority

Speaking to a Friday congregation, Kashmiri separatist leader Mirwaiz Umar Farooq who is the chairman of the Hurriyat Conference and chief of Muttihda Majlis-e-Amal Ameer said the ‘Ahmadis won’t be allowed to spread tentacles in Kashmir’.

Mirwaiz warned people to beware of the expansionist plan of the Ahmadis in Kashmir and foil their nefarious designs. “Earlier, Christian Missionaries were trying to spread their tentacles in Kashmir by offering monetary benefits and now it was Ahmadis who want to do the same.”

He warned the State government that if they allow Ahmadiyya community to organize a seminar at SKICC Auditorium, Kashmiri Muslims under the banner of Mutaheda-Majlis-E-Ulema would march towards SKICC to hold a parallel seminar against Mirzaiees (derogatory term for Ahmadis).

We are not against any religion and all are free to propagate their faith, But Mirzaiees (Ahmadis) refer to themselves as Muslims to tarnish the image of Islam, which will not be tolerated,” Mirwaiz said.

He said Qadiyaniat (derogatory term for the Ahmadiyya sect of Islam) was not a sect of Islam in any way and Mirzaiees would never be allowed to wear the mask of Islam for carrying their ‘unislamic’ activities.

Mirwaiz said during the tenure of Mirwaiz Ahmadullah Sahab too, Mirzaiees had tried to spread their tentacles in Kashmir but their designs were foiled then and they would be foiled now.

Source: Rising Kashmir