Rabwah children set a new IELTS record

Two siblings from Rabwah have set a new record for being the youngest students to take the IELTS exam, the examinations body said on Thursday.

Qamar Muneer Akbar and Qamar-un-Nisa Akbar passed the IELTS exam and achieved the unbeatable score of 9 in speaking, 8 in listening, and an overall band score of 7.5.

Previously Qamar Muneer had become the youngest student to pass the IGCSE exams at the age of eight.

After moving to the UAE from Pakistan, the children have been received continued support from the British Council, which is the examining body of the IELTS test.

In a statement, the body said:

“British Council has supported the children’s remarkable academic performance and is taking all steps to guide them to achieving their dream of studying in the UK ”

Their father Muhammed Akbar says, “IELTS isn’t a test for only university admissions or immigration, rather IELTS is a door to the world of opportunities for all and we wish to see many other success stories like theirs with the British Council.”