Gambian President impounds passport of anti-Ahmadiyya Imam

The former Imam of the State House mosque Alhagie Abdoulie Fatty, has had his Passport impounded by the Gambia’s National Intelligence Agency, (the NIA). Imam Fatty played was a key player in the anti-Ahmadiyya campaign in the country.

The move followed a Presidential directive—instructing the NIA to seize Imam Fatty’s passport. Fatty is being investigated by the NIA on allegations of misleading dictator Yahya Jammeh on issues relating to the Muslim Community.

President Jammeh personally asked the NIA to open a case file for the former Jammeh State House Imam. Jammeh’s case against Imam Fatty is based on past societal issues in regards to Muslim feast prayer day, fasting, Christian schools, and the Imam’s strained relationship with the Ahmadiyya Muslim Movement.

The Gambian President is claiming that Imam Fatty has misled him over the years to take rash decisions when it comes to religious freedoms in the country.

Imam Fatty and Yahya Jammeh have had excellent relationship over the years. Jammeh used to consult him on major religious issues until last year, when their relationship soared.

The Ahmadiyya community is regarded by orthodox Muslims as heretical and is severely persecuted in countries like Pakistan.