Former Indian Judge backs decision to classify Ahmadis as Muslims in census

Former Indian Judge backs decision to classify Ahmadis as Muslims in census

Indian Muslim leaders have criticized the Government’s decision to class Ahmadis as Muslims during the 2011 census. Former Indian Supreme Court Judge Markandey Katju defended the Government’s decision.

The Ahmadis which have their roots in Indian Punjab are considered heretics by some Muslims due to religious differences. The Majlis Tahaffuze Khatme Nabuwat (MTKN), demanded that the Government exclude the Ahmadis from the Muslim category. Indian Member of Parliament Asaduddin Owaisi also supported the call made by MTKN to exclude Ahmadis.

Reacting to MP Asaduddin Owaisi’s statement, Former Indian Supreme Court Judge Markandey Katju said:

“If the Indian government does not accept the demand that Ahmadiyyas be declared as Non- Muslims; people who make such demands should consider migrating to Pakistan, where they will feel more comfortable. One is entitled to say that Ahmadiyyas are Non-Muslims, but why should the Government say this? This is not Pakistan. India is a secular country”.

“Our Constitution guarantees freedom of religion, and any religion or sect is allowed freedom for its beliefs. This is not Pakistan where the Constitution was amended and Ahmediyas declared as non Muslims, and treated horribly.”

Judge Katju is known for speaking out in support of minorities and against both Hindu and Muslim fundamentalists in the country.



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6 thoughts on “Former Indian Judge backs decision to classify Ahmadis as Muslims in census

  1. Mr. Markandey Katju What a bravery but I think you will disagree, that It is your job to protect your country with the right decisions and not like Pakistan which has been destroyed by their law makers, so called law protectors and law implementers. keep up the good work Mr Katju.

  2. Ahmadis are Muslims and all right minded people know this, whatever these fanatics, calling for removal of Ahmadiyya from the Muslim list, may be saying. Ahmadiyya is daily busy propagating the religion of Islam peacefully in every nook and cranny of the world.Ahmadis believe and practice all the tenet of Islam and anybody that says they are not Muslims needs pyschatric test.What are the contributions of these critics of Ahmadiyya Muslims towards Islam? Nothing except creating disorder in the world. The honorable Judge has spoken to the so called Indian Muslim ‘leaders’ who condider Ahmadiyya as non-muslims,to go and join their fellow Mullahs and sword wielded Jihadists in Pakistan.India is a secular state.

  3. According to the founder of Pakistan “Ahmadi’s are Muslims, if they say they are Muslims and no one, not even the Sovereign Legislature, has the right to say otherwise. M.A Jinnah May 5th 1944
    This should be sufficient and nothing need be added.

  4. Good decision by former judge. He proved that India is a secular state and Pakistan not. Of course state has no matter with religion and state has no right to declare any one Muslim or non Muslim. I slut your courage dear judge sb

  5. Good on you Judge, we need more people like you who call a spade a spade and with conviction. This Khatme Nabuwat outfit is the one who opposed the Muslim League and Qaid e Azam and have been the trouble makers whether this lot is in India or Pakistan.
    Is not it a laughable matter that this supposedly a Muslim Outfit asking a non Muslim Government to declare the Ahmadiyya Muslim minority as non muslims who actualky are better Muslims than this khatme nabuwat outfit.

    No one has the right to declare anyone other than what they believe in to be something they are not. This Judge rightly says to this Khatme Nabuwat outfit to leave India and migrate to Pakistan where everything goes. That is why Pakistan is in turmoil because minorities have no religious freedom and mullahs get away with murder.
    Wish there were more people like this Judge.