Football: Bhawana vs Rabwah Highlights

01 May 2011 – Dar ul Yemen football ground set the scene for a friendly football match between Bhawana ( Jhang ) vs Rabwah (Fazl e Umer Football Club). The visiting team came from Bhanwana which is a locality of Jhang Distt the centre of Anti-Ahmadiyya hate campaign, but those religious feeling were set aside for the game. Team Rabwah sported striped blue shirts while for the host team the colour of the day was black.Both teams played energetically till the end of the first half but were unable to score any goals.

In the start of the second half Fazl e Umer Club rabwah managed to score a goal which gave the hosts a lead of 1 – 0. , This lead was kept till the end of the match, The visiting team only lacked teamwork or else they would have given a tough time to the hosts. The match ended with handshakes along with some snacks laid out for both teams.

Rabwah vs Bhawana Football Match Video