British Muslims urge UK to declare Ahmadis ‘non-Muslim’

British Muslims urge UK to declare Ahmadis ‘non-Muslim’

British Muslim leaders have called on Britain to declare Ahmadis ‘non-Muslim’, the sentiments were expressed at an event held in Luton.

The event which took place at Jamia Islamia Ghosia was attended by Imams, Councillors, and Muslim community leaders from across Britain . The speakers urged the British Government to stop considering Ahmadis as Muslims since they rejected the mainstream Islamic view of ‘KhatmeNabuwat’ or Finality of Prophethood.

Ahmadiyya Muslims who consider their founder to be an Islamic Prophet were declared ‘non-Muslim’ by Pakistan in 1974 and have since faced persecution in the country, which caused many to migrate and settle in Britain.

Jamia Islamia Ghosia, Luton

The speakers challenged the Government’s decision to invite Ahmadis for consultation on Muslim issues and stated that this was unacceptable to Muslims living in Britain.

Imam of Jamia Masjid Dudley, Abdul Qudoos Hashmi said: “we need to raise awareness about this issue within the Government through Members of Parliament and House of Lords.”

The clerics demanded that whenever British Government officials, Mayors or Councillors take part in Ahmadiyya events they should do so considering Ahmadis as non-Muslims.

Speaking at the event Qazi Abdul Azizi Chishti said:

“They (Ahmadis) are committing blasphemy by using the name of Islam to propagate their false beliefs among youth and are using the British media to spread their ideology, they (Ahmadis) also tried to stop the Aalmi Tajdare KhatmeNabuwat conference in September”

Chesham Councillor, Muhammad Zafir Bhatti urged the clerics to organize more and more similar events. While Former Luton Councillor Raja Waheed Akbar said: “this event sends a message that the whole community stands together on this issue (of Ahmadis).” The event was also attended by Former Councillor, Raja Zafrullah Khan, Councillor Tahir Khan Malik and Councillor Muhammad Saeed.

Representing the Sultan Bahu Trust, Imam of AlHura center, Masood Ahmed Akhtar said: “the deniers of KhatmeNabuwat (Ahmadis) have started a scheme to mislead the young generation through electronic and print media.”

Event Attendees
Event Attendees

The event speakers included dozens of religious leaders including Ghulam Jilani Alzahri from Wycombe, Syed Ahmed Husain Tirmazi, Mufti Faiz Rasool Naqashbandi, Imam of Dudley Islamic Center Inayat Ali, Islamic Scholar from Birmingham, Barkat Ahmad Chishti, Imam of Jamia Masjid Aston Birmingham, Muhammad Farooq Chishti, Leader of Ahle Sunnat Jamaat Ijaz Ahmad Nayrwi, Luton Councillor Raja Muhammad Aslam Khan, Imam of Jamia Gulshan-e-Baghdad Bedford, Abdul Razzaq and Imam of Leicester’s Jamia Masjid Bilal, Muhammad Hafizur Rahman Chishti.



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32 thoughts on “British Muslims urge UK to declare Ahmadis ‘non-Muslim’

  1. Ask all the so called mullahs ( who are meant to be spreading peace and are not doing so), that are they the judge and juries of this world ?
    If they had faith in almighty Allah then they would leave this decision to Allah!
    Ahmadis fear not this world or people but Allah !
    Our faith is so strong that no matter how many of us are slain(just like at the time of our beloved prophet Mohammed sas), we will still follow our peaceful teaching of Ahmadiyyat and islam” LOVE FOR ALL and HATRED FOF NONE”

    1. Only divine powers declare and decide who is who Muslim non Muslim and the rest !!!
      No governments, legislations and/or groups can ever hold any part of this high status except that vested in our most high supreme almighty God !!!!
      Which part of this language the great scholars and Islamic clerics fail to understand !!
      What is their agenda ??!!
      Will this action make them happier or more peaceful !!??
      What does “love for all hatred for none” stand for !??
      Do they not see how well we are progressing, propagating peaceful message of Islam single handed lay ??!!
      What have they got for show anything in the last 1500 years except for fights, fuss, deception, rapes and murderous violence towards innocents, around them !!??
      How can they the 72 justify against their arrogant requests from foreigners leave alone a Christian government a “low of the lowest” wishes !!??
      Cowards !!!

  2. Fools have no place but to mourn themselves. On 23rd March 1889, there was one Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Alaisalatowassalam and by afternoon, 40 companions joined under his hand. Today, there are millions and no opposition could stop.
    This explicitely depicts that he is from Allah as per prophesies of Hadhrat Prophet Muhammad Sallahoalaihe wasallam.

    1. Mashallah !!!
      Alhamdolillah !!!
      And we swear allegiance to this great scholar everyday !!!
      We challenge the whole wide world of oppositions and governments to stop us, against the will of God almighty !!!
      You could not stop the survival of Jesus Christ on the cross then how could you all combined prevent our success !???
      You were unsuccessful in crucifying him, how will you choose to defeat us !???
      You will be tried in every possible manner to try your level best to destroy us so you won’t complain to God almighty later oh you didn’t try this or didn’t try that !!!
      O opposition and enemies of Ahmadyyat !!!
      We are witness to the prophesies and predictions of our beloved Holy Master (saw) word for word the way he saw you 1500 years ago today !!!
      You were the same then and you still the same now and you will remain the weaker forces till the ends of time, inshallah !!!
      We will sure defy all your efforts and negativity towards us in everyway, all the way !!!!
      Inshallah !!!
      You will be humiliated, defeated and shamed against our will and progress !!!
      Our prosperity is witness enough to our success with and without you !!!
      Alhamdolillah !!!
      You have chosen your fate so be it we are choosing to fight you our ways anyway !!!
      We will keep you at bay regardless of all your efforts combined to do so !!!
      May Allah be our helper in this holy jehad of righteousness !!!
      Inshallah !!!!

  3. It’s not a government’s job to declare who is Muslim and who is Non-Muslim, it is only for God to decide. Ahmadis deserve freedom of choice, freedom of religion like any other human. Mullahs can’t stand to see Ahmadis successful in their cause and such widely recognized so they try to stop us from advancing. Now try to name one instance where they succeeded. You can’t. And this isn’t going to be any different.

  4. ahmadis do accept the finalhood of prophet and believes in all prophets in islam and it includes the imam mahdi the promised masiah of this age . people fear allah not the mullahs…. accepts allahs blessed jammat we are blessed absolute khilafat alhammhullah.

  5. Ahmadi’s are a British brand of islam…created to cause disruption in the Muslim faith…how on earth can Ghulam Mirza we deemed a messenger of Allah if Muhammad ‘saw’ stated he was the last prophet. Ask yourselves a question why is it your ‘faith’ is rejected by the majority of the Islamic world? Why is it that your Jammat is offered so much assistance and support from British government? And why is it that you so called Muslims have no feeling or emotion towards the pain suffered by Muslims in conflict….for example Palestinians are suffering but Ahmadi’s have a mosque in Israel???? Your faith is false. You are not part of the Ummah if you don’t share it’s pain.

    1. Dear Khalid, It is not written in the Quran that Muhammad is the last prophet. It is also not written in the Hadith that Muhammad is the last prophet. In Hadith it is written “Laa Nabiyyaa Ba’adi”. There is no prophet after me. Please stick to the real words, (even though it may imply that Muhammad is the last prophet).
      When prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s. said, “There is no prophet after me”, it meant that there will be no prophet with a new law after him. That is the meaning taken by all early Muslim scholars. You can check up.
      Moreover, Also it is not written in Quran or Hadith that any one who claims to be prophet, you beat him or kill him or punish him. Can you show any such thing? So, please advise your Mullas (Colleagues) to behave themselves and to be peaceful persons. That is what is needed.