All Rabwah Snooker Tournament

MKA Rabwah (Majlis Khuddam ul Ahmadiyya) held an all Rabwah Snooker tournament from 14th to 28th August 2011.

The event was inaugurated by head of Seht-o-Jismani Mr Zahid Mahmood on the 14th of August. Sehte-o-Jismani section is part of MKA the Ahmadiyya Youth Association and is geared towards improving physical fitness and to encourage sporting activities.

48 players from all over Rabwah took part in the tournament. The venue was White House Snooker club in Dar ul Rehmat West where all the 55 matches took place.

The tournament ended on 28th august after an interesting final in which Adeel Ahmad from Dar ul Barkat defeated Farrukh Ahmad to claim first place in the tournament.

After the final match a closing ceremony was held which was attended by Mr Radiq Ahmad Nasir President Swimming (Majlis Sehto Jismani Pakistan) and Mr Tahir Ahmad Additional Head Seht o Jismani Rabwah.