Ahmadi Muslim Women share baubles for Peace

BERINGEN – On Tuesday morning visitors to the Municipal Administrative Centre (SAC) got a nice surprise as the women from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association presented Christmas ornaments.

The women wanted to do a little something to express their gratitude to the local population, because they can live and work in Belgium. Turkish, Moroccan, Italian and women of other origins also took part in the action.

‘ Today is the International Day of Migrants ‘, explained Executive Yasemin Soysal, the staff of the department Diversity and Solidarity in the city.”

The fifteen women made and decorated about two hundred baubles. With each bauble they gave visitors a message that explained not only rights of immigrant rights, but also their duties.

In the entrance hall an information stand was put up which gave visitors info about the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association, the Women’s Contact Group and the UN Convention on rights and obligations of the migrant.

Along with the snacks and drinks the ladies also made greeting cards with the message: “Love for all” or “Peace to all”.

A large Christmas bauble was handed over to future mayor Maurice Weber.

Source: Nieuwsblad.be