Pakistan High Commission London hosts event ‘Remembering Dr Abdus Salam’

Photo Credit: Twitter @BashaNazir

Pakistan High Commission London hosted an event in memory of Nobel Award winning Pakistani scientist Dr Abdus Salam. The event was organized by Pakistan High Commission and Pakistan Professional Forum .

Dr Michael James Duff was the guest of honor at the event. Mr Duff is the Principal of the Faculty of Physical Sciences and Abdus Salam Chair of Theoretical Physics at Imperial College London. Other Speakers included Lord Tariq Ahmad of Wimbledon, Tom Kelly, Dr Farrukh Hussain & Dr Abdur Rasheed.

A short film about Dr Abdus Salam was also shown at the event. The event was widely attended by Pakistanis, British intellectuals and fans of Dr Abdus Salam. Dr Michael James Duff who was a student and a friend of Professor Salam gave an exclusive insight into Salam’s life and also shed light on his scientific work.

The speakers also appreciated Dr Abdus Salam for setting up the Third World Academy of Sciences in Italy. The academy was setup by Salam to promote excellence in scientific research and to respond to the needs of young scientists in developing countries.

Dr Abdus Salam’s brother Dr Abdur Rasheed also shed light on Salam’s life. Lord Tariq spoke about the time he spent with Salam and his family in London. Lord Tariq said Salam was not just a world famous physicist but also a great person.His accomplishments can never be forgotten.

Chairman of PPF Dr Farrukh Hussain said Dr Salam was a Hero and Pride of Pakistan who gained this status after hard work. Dr Hussain also thanked the High Commission for lauding Dr Abdus Salam and his efforts in such a magnificent way.

Highlighting Dr Abdus Salam’s outstanding success Syed Shozeb Abbas of Pakistan High Commission urged that Scientific learning should be encouraged in Pakistan