One by one….spares none…!

Sindh province of Pakistan is known to be the land of Sufis and Saints. Its overall texture is tolerance blended with hospitality and perseverance. It’s deep and remote areas may be far behind educationally but they have advanced in levels of human virtues, something which is deeply rooted in their culture.

The province has been the hub of political activism and which gave birth to Pakistan’s infamous PPP or Pakistan People’s Party. Until a few years back, its secular persona was never questioned.

The objective resolution was hatched in Punjab and then its implementation rapidly spread all across Pakistan. In 1953, Pakistan savored its first fruit and it was perceived that its bitter taste would be limited to the Ahmadiyya’s and the remaining social fiber would not get contaminated.

Socio/Political corruption got its roots established in the disguise of a hatred towards a minority and then its fire leaped in other sectors. In 1974, it was first time planted in the sacred soil of constitution and disguise remained the same. Excommunication of the same Ahmadi community. Something that the Sunnis and Shiite mMuslimsor other non-Muslim groups had to worry about.

Zia regime took it to the next level with its 1984 anti-Ahmadiyya law , which now critics blame for the cause extremism of society but its one step was the last nail.

Now the cat was out of the bag. It expanded in the name of Islamisation and holy war and ended up in an unholy curse of extremism. Laws of Blasphemy are the hanging sword over the heads of public and its strings are in the hands of clerics. In apparently peaceful circles they use it when and where they like it. Christian colonies, Ahmadiyya township of Rabwah or Hindu Goths are equally under the threat of this hanging sword.

An open season of extremism can kill anyone openly anywhere or opt for a more targeted killing. It all started with one, the Ahmadiyya persecution but then no one is out of its reach. Shia’s are attacked, Christians are burnt alive and now Hindus are getting their share. Well, an SP is wisely handling and an MP is busy in diffusing the situation by FM radio announcements.

Yes, a Shaan Taseer is also raising voice. But where are the people?
It actually needs public activism and wider social participation to stand for the right to live. There is no point asking people to say ” I stand with Ahmadis, Shia, Christians or Hindus of Ghotki or Dherki”. Now is the time to say, that we stand with Pakistan……Jinnah’s Pakistan.

Otherwise, it will continue one by one, but I assure you that it will spare none!!!

Maleeha Rauf is reporter and writer and based in Karachi. Her area of interest is women and children's right of education. She can be reached at [email protected]
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