Niazis : The Neighbours from Hell

The Niazi family which has been living illegally on a piece of land forcibly taken from Ahmadis and turned into a colony for “Muslims”, to be specific followers of the Khatm-e-Nabuwat movement who for years have been openly involved in the persecution of Ahmadis in Pakistan and more recently in Faisalabad. The family has left a trail that is loaded with mischief & misery along with death threats and senseless beatings of minors belonging to Ahmadiyya Community.

In a previous incident from 2009, two members of the Niazi family (one of them Farhat Niazi )slapped an Ahmadi on his face and called in their friends to beat him up, which resulted in a brawl. By this time, some senior Ahmadis arrived and disengaged the two parties. The Police called in both parties but the Niazi’s failed to turn up and by noon the Police registered a case against 7 named and 3 unknown Ahmadis with FIR 364/09.

On another occasion the two of them came to the bazaar in Rabwah and insulted Mr. Abdus Samad, one of the Ahmadis accused in the FIR. Again they initiated a fight in which Mr. Muhammad Azam, an Ahmadi was hurt. A report was made to the police along with his medical certificate but to this day the Police have taken no action.

Two years since the earlier incident have passed, but the mentioned troublemakers of the Niazi family (Farhat Niazi and others) of the Muslim Colony seem to be persistent in their actions and to this day are involved in creating a law and order problem in Rabwah.

Mr. Abdus Samad, the Ahmadi from the previous incident has reported over the past few months that he has been receiving obnoxious phone calls on his land-line. The caller thereafter shifted to Text messages, and conveyed threats to his life and property. Mr. Samad was greatly disturbed on this and tracked the person harassing him.

It was confirmed that the offender is a member of the Niazi Group. He was one of the gang who participated in the August 2009 incident in Rabwah. He is linked to Bhawana, a town approximately 35 kilometres from Rabwah.