Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States

The prospect of Donald Trump becoming the 45th President of the United States has become very real. A year ago, everybody thought that Trump was a joke but now, less than 8 weeks before election day, some very serious people are openly admitting that Trump could be our next President.

Trump has never shied away from getting himself in the middle of a juicy story; not until last Saturday, on the 15 year anniversary of September 11 attacks.

Everyone in the world has seen the video of Hillary Clinton abruptly leaving the memorial service marking the 15th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, clearly needing assistance from her aides and Secret Service Agents because she was unable to walk or even stand on her own.

Trump, who was also at the memorial earlier, was asked about the incident as he left a fire station in lower Manhattan, simply said, “I don’t know anything about it.” And he managed to refrain himself from saying or tweeting on the subject most of the weekend.

The old Trump would have glowed and said something that would have sounded like: ‘So, I was right all along; that’s what I’ve been saying; Hillary is not physically fit for the job; the media is Bias; She doesn’t have pneumonia, she’s lying, she’s hiding something far more serious. Believe Me!’ But not this time, and No, it wasn’t because he was being nice to Hillary Clinton.

He did it because he finally seems to have understood the old age rule of political campaigns: When a political campaign starts to tumble; get out of the way!

Trump has always had difficulty keeping to this rule in the past. Every time something potentially damaging to Clinton became news, Trump would Tweet or say something that would take the attention away from her; which she obviously had no problem with because she chose to not give any interviews and let Trump suck all the media attention.

Clinton had rarely given any interviews in over 200 days while Donald Trump seemed to be giving one every minute of the day. Since the posting of her 9/11 memorial video, originally on twitter by a civilian, she has made several public appearances and given a few interviews as well. She knows that she is in deep trouble so she’s trying to be more forthcoming. The problem is the perception that people have of her: As with everything else, instead of being honest about it, to begin with, she’s doing it because she doesn’t now have a choice. Right or wrong, this is exactly why so many voters don’t trust her.

On the other hand, for months, Donald Trump has been painting Hillary Clinton as someone who cannot be trusted, accusing her of distorting facts, lying about Benghazi, doing favors for people that gave money to the Clinton Foundation, and lying about her health issues.

People already didn’t trust Hillary much and now with the video showing Hillary not even being able to hold her own balance just pours oil on the already lit very large fire and seems to validate everything Trump has been saying. I’m not saying that she doesn’t have pneumonia or that she’s lying about it, but she did try to conceal the fact that she was ill and this plays into the larger picture of everything that has been said about her. This has already motivated Trump supporters even more than they already were and very likely demotivating those that might have been on the fence about voting for her.

CNN poll, 09/13/2016 on Wolf Blitzer, showed that only 35% trust Hillary and 50% trust Trump. Even though most polls show Clinton leading Trump, her lead in those votes is dangerously small. Despite every deplorable statement Trump has made throughout this election cycle, his poll numbers are withing margin of error which is baffling to all political pundits. But every time something negative is revealed about Clinton, she seems to be losing ground to Trump.

This bizarre, yet very real, video of Clinton, combined with the fact that Trump was able to keep quiet about it, has united the Republican leadership behind their candidate like never before, “He is working with all of us to put this country back on track,” said Speaker Paul Ryan on Tuesday, after he and other House Republicans met privately with Pence. This is the first time that the party’s leadership has openly supported Trump in this fashion.

On the other hand, President Obama blasted Trump in a very fiery speech in support of Hillary Clinton. Also, the first time President Obama has appeared on the campaign by himself, while Clinton was at home recovering from pneumonia.

Watching all this unfold over the last few days, reminded me of Michael Moore’ (my most admired documentary film-maker and activist), 5 REASONS WHY TRUMP WILL WIN article on why he believes Trump would win and what would it take to stop him.

When Trump made statements about banning all Muslims from entering the country; Mr. Moore stood outside the Trump Tower in New York, wearing a sign with words “We’re all Muslim” and also wrote an open letter to Trump calling him out. Click here to read Michael Moore’s letter to Trump.

Mr. Moore, regarding Hillary Clinton’s attempt of trying to hide her illness, tweeted this:

“Well, pneumonia. That’s serious. The campaign kept it hidden Fri/Sat/Sun. No wonder the crazies get traction. Dems are pros at losing elections.”

Now, when people like Michael Moore, that are Clinton’s strongest supporters and are passionate enough to do everything they can to stop Trump from winning the election, start having doubts about Clinton’s ability to win, how can those on the fence about Clinton, be expected to care enough to get out of their homes, and vote on election day? The best way to win elections is to motivate people so they care enough to vote for you, not give them reasons to stay at home.

Unless Hillary Clinton stops being so secretive and starts convincing people that she can be transparent and trusted; Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States

Another prediction Michael Moore’s had made in the summer of 2015, was that Trump will be the Republican Nominee for the President of the United States!

Nauman Khan is a Pakistani-American writer based in Texas, U.S.A
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