Christmas gifts from Ahmadi Muslim Women

Schleswig. Many children have to spend Christmas in hospital. The compassion to these children called Anela Shoaib Arshad and Maria, members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat community in Schleswig to action.

Together with their mothers and Zubida Qamat Shoaib Arshad they contacted to Dr. Martin Jung, chief of child and adolescent psychiatry at the Helios Clinic, because they wanted the children prepare a Christmas joy.

For many years, the community engaged regularly for the benefit of the community and the town of Schleswig.

“In our religion we celebrate not the Christmas festivities, but we would like to participate in the celebration of love and give the children a joy. We want to express our solidarity show that we are a part of society and simply say thank you, that we may live in Germany, “

said Maria Shoaib. Together with chief doctor Young, senior physician and nurse Irmela Dentzien Nils Thiesen it immediately went on a flying visit by the hospital.

The representatives of the Muslim community presented 40 lovingly packaged gifts and received Christmas greetings from delightful children.

“The dialogue between the Christian and Muslim communities is a great idea,” Jung said enthusiastically. “The visit to the hospital has affected us,” said Maria Shoaib.

Source: SHZ