But Islamophobia doesn’t exist

In light of recent events, it has been repeatedly observed that a dangerous and potentially peace threatening form of domestic terrorism is conceiving birth in a civilized society. Elements of a such a devastating concoction include bigotry, racism, hate speech, physical and mental abuse and ignorance.

In a series of isolated yet expected events which are being perceived as a hate crime against minorities the safety of Muslims around the world is being questioned. With all types of crimes against Muslims minorities including physical abuse, arson, and hate speech, Muslims are being marginalized as a community and are being racially targeted.

During the past week, the Religious festival of Eid­ul­Adha which aims at creating interfaith understanding and community cohesion has been a trigger for such domestic terrorists. And a number of prominent cases have arisen which give you a perspective of the increasing hostility in society.

Women have been targeted as a soft target by these Islamophobes turned terrorists. A traditionally dressed Muslim women were set on fire in midtown New york. The disturbing incident occurred when a man with a lighter set the woman’s blouse on fire and fled the scene. The 34-year-old is a Scottish Muslim tourist. Even though the woman retained no injuries she was left deeply traumatized. In another incident, a woman was arrested for physically abusing two Muslim women and their babies in public, as she punched one woman and tried taking off her Hijab while kicking both their babies which were in strollers. She has been charged with two accounts of felony assault.

In another incident, a Florida mosque was set on fire the night before the festival of Eid­Ul­Adha. Fire crews arrived at the scene in the early hours of Monday after receiving reports of flames coming out of the Islamic Center of Fort Pierce. There were no injuries. The incident is being treated as a possible hate crime.Security video showed an individual approaching the northeast side of the building on a motorcycle around 11:38pm, a flash of light appearing and the individual then fleeing, the sheriff’s office said, identifying the suspect as a white or Hispanic male. The incident disturbed the communities celebrations and prayers had to be relocated.

However, the most gruesome act of violence perpetrated as a result of racism and Islamophobia is when a 34-year-old pregnant woman was brutally assaulted by man which caused her to lose her baby. This horrific act of violence took place in Bletchley, England. The woman was shopping in a co­op store when the man began verbally abusing her. The woman ignored the man and proceeded to walk outside the store, where the man followed her and kicked her repeatedly in the stomach. The woman was rushed to the Hospital where doctors failed to save the baby. The man was later arrested.

The most disturbing feature of all these crimes was the ruthlessness with which they were conducted. They will serve as a grim reminder of the fact that even the best of societies contain individuals which go to any and all lengths to create disorder and panic. It is imperative that we address these acts of violence and not allow them to spread. For they are cancer which will destroy our communities built on peace.