British Muslims object to construction of a new Mosque

British Muslims object to construction of a new Mosque

United Kingdom’s North Lincolnshire Council’s planning committee has approved plans to build a new mosque in Scunthorpe  despite a number of objections from local Muslim groups. The application was passed by a majority verdict.

Phil Wallis, head of planning, said the council had received two petitions – one with 55 signatures objecting to the development and one with 499 objecting on the grounds of design concerns about traffic and parking. 

We have also received a letter of objection on behalf of the five mosques in North Lincolnshire. They said there is not enough car parking to cope with the events and the design is very prominent and will create tension,” he said.

Roj Rahman

Objecting to the application, Roj Rahman said:

“I am speaking on behalf of 3,000 Muslims. There is no further need for another mosque, this design will have a massive visual impact. The proposed new build will be heavily visible and it will have a significant impact on the Muslim community.”

Councillor Mashook Ali

Councillor Mashook Ali said Newland Drive residents had raised objections to him about anti-social behaviour.

“I would like the planning committee to go against the recommendation of the planning officer (to pass it),” he said.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Association applied to build a mosque on the site of a bungalow in Cliff Closes Road currently used by the group for worship.The existing property has been used as a mosque since 2002 but the group want to the replace the “dated and dilapidated” property with a purpose-built mosque with living accommodation for the religious leader.

President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association in Scunthorpe, Muzaffar Ahmad,  said the association has bought the neighbouring bungalow which has some open space that will be used for parking.

Mr Ahmad told the meeting: “A few people have objected on the grounds there are already mosques in the town. We are not allowed to pray in these mosques as they do not consider us Muslim.

“We have not shared their mosques in over 100 years.”



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8 thoughts on “British Muslims object to construction of a new Mosque

  1. A mosque built in a busy area shall attract the Ahmadi Muslims to commute over there,  and they shall park their cars for a certain span of time.But that is why public places of worship, shopping malls and stores are built for: to let the open space serve its function; and a peaceful place of worship cannot be given up either for this pointless reason nor because of the fact that this plan is unattractive for other sects of Muslims .

  2. Aaww at least some people in the western world do understand than the so called Muslims in the eastern world.
    These Muslims don’t allow us in their mosques and again they object for us to have our own

  3. Are the mainstream Muslims making the excuse for not letting Ahmadis build a mosque and they have mosques themselves which Ahmadis are not allowed to pray in. this is injustice. Im sure is enough space to build a mosque there what is their problem?
    I’ve been there myself and it’s fully open space.

  4. Well said, allowing or not allowing these bandits will try to do anything and everything, against the propagation of peaceful Islam.
    The truth is well obvious, this mosque will not serve them any purpose besides sharing Love for ALL and Hatred for NONE !!!!
    Inshallah we will invite them anyway to come and offer prayers with us too !!
    They can well deny us as history claims their defiance, Ignorance and Arrogance since the time of Holy Prophet (SAW) !!!!
    So much so none other than the Illiterate and the opponents of the Truth of Ahmadyyat have proved to follow suite since over a hundred twenty five years and achieved nothing but violence, hate, bigotry and empty loud noises !!!
    We shall surely build, shine and progress against all they planned !! Inshallah !!!!

  5. These Muslims do not allow Ahmadi Muslims to enter their mosques so the Ahmadi Muslims who have been in Britain for far longer than
    them and have built the first mosque in London way back in 1924 called London Mosque and have also built the largest Mosque in Western Europe situated in Morden Surrey. Its only natural to have a Mosque of our own to offer our prayers wherever we have sizable population, since we are not allowed to go in other mosques.
    Besides Ajmadiyya Community is peace loving one and have nothing to do with militant Muslim. Pakistani Muslims have brought their hatred of Ahmadi Muslims along here in Britain too, that’s is why they are opposing us even building of our own mosque while they bar us from their own mosques too.