British MP calls for Protection of Ahmadiyya Community in Pakistan

Seema Malhotra has called on the British Government to do more to protect the Ahmadi community in Pakistan. Ms Malhotra’s call comes in light of the latest harrowing attack on an Ahmadi community in Gujranwala in which homes were burnt down and two young girls of 7 and 8 killed.

The MP for Feltham and Heston wrote to Phillip Hammond, the Foreign Secretary, to clarify what action the government is taking to protect religious minorities in Pakistan, “I would be grateful if you could update me as to the action you are taking in raising this as a matter in relation to raising this as a matter of urgency with the Pakistan Government.”

The problem arises not just from religious intolerance and the spreading of rumours and vigilante justice but with the lack of action from local authorities to protect minorities and impose law and order, “It is vital that as an international community we also seek immediate action to grant Ahmadis protection from such attacks as is their right as Pakistani citizens, the protection of security forces, repeal of anti-Ahmadi laws in Pakistan and for the perpetrators to be brought to justice.”

There is a great deal of concern about these events among the Ahmadiyya community in Feltham and Heston, as well as all those who care about religious freedom.