Algeria intensifies controversial crackdown on Ahmadiyya Muslims

Ahmadiyya, a minority Islamic sect have raised concerns after falling victim to Algeria’s controversial crackdown on religious minorities.

Algerian newspaper EnNahar revealed that the crackdown against the Ahmadis in Algeria started in the first week of June, the investigation was spread over three states and during the course of the investigation the security forces raided the Ahmadiyya sect’s headquarters in the state of Blida.
During the month-long crackdown dozens of Ahmadis were arrested and charged with violating social peace, and the under construction community center in the state of Blida was also demolished by the local Municipality.

Algeria’s Minister of Religious Affairs Mohamed Issa

Algeria’s Ministry of Religious Affairs stated that in 2013 it received communication from the Algerian Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan, warning them of the risk posed by the spread of Ahmadiyya in North African countries including Algeria.

Algerian Minister of Religious Affairs Mohamed Issa said “a deviant religious sect called ‘Qadiani’ or ‘Ahmadis’ which is well-known in Pakistan and the Gulf states is now spreading to Northern Africa including Algeria, The Government is concerned that this band of Islam is becoming popular among the population, especially young people.”

He acknowledged that the Ahmadis were planning to open a community center for the 1,000 strong Algerian Ahmadiyya community.

Adding that “security forces have succeeded in dismantling their network because they dared to create their headquarters and announce their presence without waiting for the necessary licenses, and documents which proved it’s existence and its affiliates.”

In a later interview, the Minister explained that “the Ahmadiyya have been present in Algeria since the seventies, and they have more sense of belonging”

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  2. Sir Ch Zafrullah Khan helped several Arab Countries to gain independence including Aljeria. They all knew that he was an Ahmadi Muslim, none had qualms about this and were grateful for his services.

    Since the Mullahs of Pakistan has started receiving funds from Saudis, the very State who use to give Sir Zafrullah the red carpet reception and was a revered guest of honour, are now against Ahmadi Muslims because of the false propaganda spread by these bigoted Pakistani Mullahs. These very mullahs are now going to other so called Muslim States to turn them against Ahmadiyya Muslims purely for political reasons and to keep getting funds from the Saudis, who are the main supporters of the terror groups.

    I do hope the Muslims of the World will realise sooner than later that the Ahmadiyya Islam is the True Islam of the Holy Prophet, Ameen.

  3. Seems like Pakistani Mullahs are trying to spread their hatred and ignorance everywhere! Instead of using a civilized way of debates and discussions where we are given a chance to defend ourselves, these people are using the ways of jahiliyyat to get their way.

    How very sad and I pray that Allah protects our community from all these persecutors.

    The last paragraph is such in total contradiction from the whole report!

  4. How tragic to hear about this kind of bigotry in 2016. It is a sign of weakness when someone tries to silence another through force.

  5. Imagine Algeria under the French rule and how Ch Zafarullah Khan, Pakistan’s foreign minister at that time tried to win freedom for Algeria.Allah does not like ungrateful people.