Ahmadiyya Muslim Community appeals for the release of Japanese hostage held by ISIS

In response to the Japanese taken hostage by ISIS, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Japan held a press conference in Nagoya,Japan and appealed for the release of of Japanese hostage.

Mr Anees Ahmad Nadeem, National President & Missionary In-Charge of Jamaat Ahmadiyya Japan started the conference by a moment of silence for the two Japanese hostages and a silent prayer for their safe return home.

Nadeem said : Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Japan offers its deepest condolences & prayers for the affected friends and families of Japan’s innocent who are victimized ISIS.

He said:

“As a Muslim community of Japan, we earnestly pray that God Almighty protect all Japanese people from the harm and danger of these extremists and their ideology. The fact that these videos from ISIS are being presented in the name of Islam is truly grievous and painful.”

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Japan is one of the oldest Muslim Community in Japan, It started its missionary activities in 1935 from Kobe and is known in Japan for its humanitarian activities after the earthquake that hit Japan in 2011.