Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Guyana holds its first Regional convention in New Amsterdam

On May 26th, 2013, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Berbice, GUYANA, South America held its very FIRST Annual Regional Convention at New Amsterdam’s  Town Hall. New Amsterdam is one of the largest towns in Guyana and is the Capital Town of the BERBICE COUNTY, GUYANA.

The convention was attended by 55 Ahmadi Muslims and 33 non Ahmadis. The Guest of honor was, Mr. Jhagroop, Vice Chairman of Region 6, East Berbice, GUYANA.

The Khilafat Day Jalsa was also merged with Jalsa Salana Berbice.

Mr. Asaf Ali Mohamed recited a portion from the Holy Quran with the Translation in English. Afterwards Master Naweed Ur Rahman Khan recited a Poem. Mr. Ataa Ul Mujeeb Athar Khan spoke on “The Importance of Jalsa Salana (Annual Convention)”.

The three Missionaries, namely Maulana Ahsanullah Mangat Sahib, Missionary in Charge, spoke on “Blessings of Khilafat”.

Maulana Abdur Rahman Khan, Missionary of the BERBICE region

Maulana Abdur Rahman Khan, Missionary of the BERBICE region, where the Jalsa was being held spoke on “The sublime life of the Holy Prophet – The Messenger of PEACE”.

Maulana Maqsood Ahmad Mansoor Sahib, the Missionary of Linden, spoke on “The Blessings of Obedience”.

The National President, Mr. Aftabudin Nassir, spoke on “The Importance of Juma (Friday) Prayers”.

All of The Guests of honor were very kind in their glowing tribute to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at.

Deputy Mayor of New Amsterdam, Mr. Harold Debideen

His Lordship, the Deputy Mayor of New Amsterdam, Mr. Harold Debideen, (due to the absence of the mayor) remarked:

“Congratulations on your very successful convention! It is my unique privilege and am absolutely honored to be invited to this truly spiritual gathering. I particular take heed of your unique slogan and motto “Love for All, Hatred for None”. This is an ingredient of life that is needed in our society and we need to promulgated and practice it to its fullest. I encourage you to continue the very good work you have undertaken to do in Berbice and Guyana as a whole.”

Mr. Jhagroop, Vice Chairman of Eastern Berbice region

Mr. Jhagroop, Vice Chairman of Region six (Eastern Berbice region) in his speech remarked:

“Congratulation on your very successful Convention. This is the first time I am attending your convention and I have the distinct pleasure of knowing many of your members as well as your missionary here in New Amsterdam. The Regional Chairman sends his regards and congratulations and due to the fact that he was unable to attend due to state affairs, he insisted that I must attend in his place. Your universal motto and Slogan; “Love for All. Hatred for None” is a unique one and I hope and wish that ALL Guyanese would adopt this slogan in their day to day life. It is a solution for the problems we face. Thanks again for inviting the Regional Chairman”

Dr Vishwa
Dr. Vishwa Mahadeo, Regional Government Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Vishwa Mahadeo, Regional Government Chief Medical Officer, Member of Parliament in his address remarked :

“Those who pronounce death sentences in the name of Islam are doing a great disservice to Islam. I really appreciate fasting as practiced by Muslims and always encourage my patients to fast before their surgery as they would have a higher rate of rapid recovery. Islam has to be Religion of PEACE.I have learnt a lot about your Community today here and am very happy to be present in this convention. Congratulations on your very successful convention. I thank your Maulana here in Berbice and your president for inviting me. I am always at your service. I truly appreciate your universal practiced slogan which makes you indeed unique: “Love for All, hatred for None”. I look forward to your conventions in the near future”

Mr Fazal Jafarally

Mr Fazal Jafarally, C.E.O National Communications Network Channel 14, New Amsterdam and Member of parliament for the Government stated in his address :

“Allow me to congratulate you on a very successful Convention. I have known your Maulana here in Berbice and the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community for a very long time and I truly do appreciate the huge inputs you make to teach and educate the world about Islam. I do admire your Jama’at even whilst I worked for the Central Islamic Organization in the past. Your Jama’at’s ability to produce educational material on every aspect of life and society is truly remarkable. You have been guaranteed the right to worship by the present government. Your unique slogan and motto: “Love for All, Hatred for None” stands out as a torchbearer for every Guyanese and every human being to emulate. Once again, congratulations to your Maulana Sahib and the Community for a very successful Convention.”


Mrs. Gloria Beharry, Member of the Neighborhood Democratic Council in her short address remarked :

“It is my unique pleasure to be invited by your missionary here in Berbice to your convention and whenever I am invited I would continue to come an be with you. I have really experienced something new which I have thoroughly enjoyed. Congratulations on your very successful Convention. I am particularly happy to see the huge attendance by the ladies of your Community. Moreover I love your slogan and motto which you universally practice: “Love for All, Hatred for None”. It is indeed the solution for the problems of our country and the entire world. Once again a warm congratulations for your very successful convention!”