Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Fiji celeberates Prophet Muhammad Day

Ahmadiyya Fiji Anthony Gates

Chief Justice of Fiji Anthony Gates highlighted the importance of Prophet Mohammad‘s teaching during celebrations to mark the prophet’s birthday at an event organized by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama at the Fazal E Umar Mosque in Samabula, Suva.

Justice Gates said If many were to follow those facets of Holy Prophet’s life the misunderstandings and carelessness that breed dissent and distrust would not give rise to conflict.

“I see that the motto of the Jama’at is ‘love for all hatred for none’, it does not say ‘love for all Muslims and hatred for no other sects of Muslims,” Mr Gates said.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Fiji National president Maulana Fazal Ullah Tariq said the celebration was not meant to celebrate the birth of Prophet Mohammed and was not an ordinary religious event but rather an educational event.

Mr Tariq said the event was held every year to spread awareness and to familiarise people and educate Muslims and non-Muslims on the life of the prophet.

“It is held to acquaint people with the holy prophet’s grandeur and status,” Mr Tariq said.

“It is a day on which the world would become aware of the life of the holy prophet and his most beautiful qualities.”

According to the Ahmadiyya Muslim report, there are many humble people in all religions. Their voices are suppressed by other people. It is their responsibility to take their suppressed voices and raise them to be heard by others.

Through these gatherings, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama at Fiji will give those people who are noble and are ready for harmony, the courage they need so that when they come forward, they can make a remarkable change in religions and among nations.