Ahmadis prepare for Australia Day celebrations

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Australia (AMAA) are inviting residents to celebrate Australia Day at their centenary hall at Marsden Park on Sunday, January 27.

The association, which is actively involved in social work in The Hills through the year, said they will celebrate “what’s great about Australia and being an Australian.”

The 2-4pm program will include displays, library visits, refreshments, guest speakers and speeches.

“It’s about reflecting on what we have achieved and are proud of in this great nation,”spokesman Ramzan Sharif said.

“The AMAA identifies itself with all the great things about Australia. Hence we intend to celebrate our land, people, diversity, sense of a far-go, lifestyle, democracy and the freedom we all enjoy with you all together.

“Please come along with your family and friends to celebrate Australia Day with our community.”