An Ahmadi’s open letter to Captain (R) Safdar

Hiding behind the religion card has always been the strategy of many politicians in Pakistan who are guilty of their hideous sins of corruption and misconduct. This time it was Safdar Sahab.

Capt (r) Safdar Sahab,

My apologies I can’t greet you with Salam, the constitution doesn’t allow me to do so.

Hope you are relaxing in one of your mansions, contended after playing the religion card to veil your own wrongdoings of corruption and dishonesty.

But let me tell you my story of being a Pakistani Ahmadi. Ever since I opened my eyes in my motherland, I have been given multiple names; Qadiyani, Mirzai, Kafir, Murtad etc, although we Ahmadis always wanted to be called as “Ahmadi”. But maybe calling us with this name would have hurt your friable egos. Somewhere between labeled as Fitna and Wajibul-Qatl I grew up. Unfortunately, very few people know the life of a Pakistani Ahmadi is an everyday challenge when compared to any other Pakistani.

Most of the people have not the tiniest clue who Ahmadis are, what do they believe yet follow the trend and jump in the fire of hatred against Ahmadis.

People in Pakistani usually tell us things about our religion which even Ahmadis don’t know. One of such statement was a part of your speech in the parliament when you claimed that Ahmadis get their girls married to higher, influential families in order to weaken the stability of our beloved country. Unfortunately, I have an example of a non-Ahmadi, a Muslim man who was captain in the army, got himself married to girl from a very big political background and is currently ahead in the line to spread enmity against a peaceful community.

You asserted that Ahmadis are responsible for the unrest in this country. Maybe you wanted to say we brought religion into politics back in the 70s, we spread religious uproar against ourselves, we killed our people to gain sympathies and today we requested you to shout against our community to seek a lot of attention from people of Pakistan.

The agony which we face when we see people signing against our beliefs every day, every hour, every minute in the passport office is something below your level of imagination.
There is not a single field in which Ahmadis have not worked for the development of this country. From science to sports to medicine and education, Ahmadis have never failed to provide their talents for the welfare of Pakistan. Yet you turned blind and tagged us as traitors. And to be honest we are tired of
proving our patriotism and loyalty to our homeland.

You snatched our right to be termed as Muslim, you stole our right to practice our religion openly. You thwart us from the holy pilgrimage Hajj. You massacred thousands of Ahmadis in the name of religion yet according to your statement Ahmadis residing in Pakistan are not less than enemies.

Sir, do you have slightest of an idea how your speech has spread hatred and intolerance against 4 million Pakistani Ahmadis. But let me assure you, in spite of this air of animosity, Pakistani Ahmadis will continue their endeavors to make Pakistan a prosperous country and no one can stop us from that. Surely Almighty is aware of what is in a person’s heart.
An Ahmadi Citizen