US condemns Jang Group & Geo TV for inciting Violence

In a leaked US  Diplomat cable the US has condemned GeoTv and its owner Jang Media Group for airing stories that encourage violence, the cable dated 11/26/2008 highlights how the network specifically targeted the Ahmadiyya Community which resulted in the murder of two prominent Ahmadi leaders after Geo Tv Network aired the program “Aaalim Online” on September 7, 2008. In the program guests used the phrase “Wajib ul Qatal” or “Duty to Kill” for those who believed in Ahmadiyyat.The cable also points out that no member of the Ahmadiyya Community was invited to speak.

Here are the exact excerpts from the cable:

……. While claiming to be moderate and neutral to USG  policies, the “Jang Group” recently has increased its criticism of  the USG and its policies, has engaged in anti-Semitic behaviour and  has specifically targeted the Ahmadi religious minority group in a  television program that resulted in the death of two (including one  Amcit) Ahmadis.

…….– On September 7, 2008, “GEO TV Network” aired the program “Aalim  Online.”  The date coincided with the anniversary of a change in  Pakistan’s constitution in 1974 that officially classified the  Ahmadis as “non-Muslims.”   The host Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain egged  on guests about the Ahmadis.  One guest responded that, “As long as  this sedition is alive and even one (Ahmadi) remains on this earth,  there is a need to eliminate it.”  Two other guests used the Arabic  phrase “Wajb-ul-Qatal (duty to kill) to describe those who believe  in the Ahmadi doctrine.  Dr. Hussain did not intervene to moderate  the views, and in his closing statement belittled the Ahmadi founder  and agreed in essence with the guests’ contention that his followers  were not true Muslims.  No member of the Ahmadi community was  invited to speak.  Two prominent Ahmadi leaders, one of them an  American citizen, were murdered in Pakistan shortly after the  program was televised.

Here is an interview of Geo TV President Imran Aslam which was taken at the time by BBC Urdu.  GeoTV claimed copyright and had the interview removed from YouTube several times before finally giving up. The interview up till now has had over 200,000  views.

Geo TV President Imran Aslam Interview– BBC Urdu