The Wrong Kind of Muslim – Putting an end to Islamic Terrorism

American Muslim author releases landmark book to put an end to the Taliban & Islamic terrorism

The Wrong Kind of Muslim is a call to unite those of all faiths and of no faith in the struggle for universal freedom of conscience. Since 9/11, terrorists in Pakistan have killed over 40,000—and counting. Often risking his own life, Qasim Rashid journeys into the heart of that terrorism to unearth the untold story of those silenced by Taliban suicide bombings, secret police torture, and state sponsored religious persecution. Rashid exposes the horrifying truth about growing radicalism in Pakistan and its impact on Western security. But most importantly, Rashid uncovers the inspiring untold story of millions fighting back—and winning.

“In his adopted home of America, Qasim Rashid has experienced stereotyping and discrimination as a Pakistani-born Muslim. In his native home of Pakistan, Rashid and his family are subject to persecution because their Ahmadi Muslim faith is considered heretical by many in the Sunni Muslim majority. Rashid’s heartfelt story compels admiration for him and a deeper appreciation for America’s guarantee of religious freedom.”

The Honorable Tim Kaine, United States Senator

The Wrong Kind of Muslim is a young American’s personal journey into his heritage and religion as a vehicle into the history and ongoing phenomenon of faith-based persecution and target-killings in Pakistan – starting with a childhood bullying incident in Chicago. A compelling account, often painful, sometimes uplifting, told with honesty and humor. A must-read for anyone who cares about human rights, humanity, freedom of expression, thought and conscience, not just in Pakistan but anywhere in the world.”

Pakistani Journalist & Film Maker Beena Sarwar, Former Fellow at Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at Harvard

Author Bio: Qasim Rashid, Esq. is an internationally recognized voice on human rights and religious freedom. He also frequently lectures at houses of worship and universities nationally and internationally including Princeton, Berkeley, Barry, Howard Law, and Richmond Law.

Rashid received his Bachelors Degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago and his Juris Doctorate from the University of Richmond School of Law. He is a National Spokesperson for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA, Chairman of the Muslim Writers Guild of America, a Board Member for the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities, a pro bono attorney for the Virginia Poverty Law Center, and practices law in Richmond, VA.

Rashid kicks off his summer book tour at the Second Presbyterian Church in Richmond, VA on June 19. RSVP: