Syrian Refugees in Canada: Suha’s Story

Syrian Refugees in Canada: Suha’s Story

I had a very nice life in Syria. I was an elementary school teacher. I got along with all of my neighbours, whether or not they were the same religion as me. When the war began I lost my whole life—memories, friends and family. I never knew which home would be bombed next. I wasn’t able to help anyone, even my neighbours, because I could be killed if I tried to help them. Each day I would say goodbye to my husband as he left for work not knowing if he would come back home.

15042163_1458422390838519_5602202963421041922_oWhen I came to Canada in February 2016, I immediately felt welcomed—people helped me get a health card and find a doctor. My first few months in Canada were challenging. As an Arab, I come from a large family. It was extremely difficult not being with the rest of my family. I could call or Skype them, but the Internet in Syria is very expensive. I felt alone. However, I made many friends here and found a job quickly.

Shortly after coming to Canada I started volunteering at Humanity First in Toronto, the organization that sponsored me and my husband. I often interpret for Arabic-speaking families and speak at orientation sessions. Also, in March 2016, just one month after I landed, I volunteered as an interpreter for Syrian refugees. I am very happy when I can help refugees, especially Syrian refugees, because I understand the obstacles they had back home. I know their struggle. They feel less afraid when they speak to me. Like me, they have come to Canada to start forgetting the pain from Syria, and build a new life here. What do refugees want? Simply to live in a safe country like Canada.

In Canada, everyone is liked because they are humans, not because of their religious beliefs. All religions are accepted here. Canada opens the doors for opportunities”

— Suha, a refugee from Syria, now works as an Arabic teacher at Aisha Academy in Maple, Ontario.



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5 thoughts on “Syrian Refugees in Canada: Suha’s Story

  1. Beautiful story that shows the power of opening our doors to others for the greater good. Newcomers like Suha bring so much to the country and become amazing assets for us all. Long live the spirit of helping one another. Long live our love of humanity, irrespective of background or beliefs. Long live Canada!

  2. MaashAllah I am so proud of Suha. She had a yearn to help people in her home country. Now Allah gave her that opportunity in Canada. Truly Canada is a great country with opportunities. I pray Canada can be reflective to all countries. “May the world become like canada and Canada becomes the World” Hadrat Khalifatul-Masih 4th, Mirza Tahir Ahmad (May Allah be pleased with him)