Sri Lanka to remove Pakistani refugees from the country

Sri Lankan President on Tuesday sought international assistance to remove Afghan and Pakistani refugees from the country.

Speaking to diplomats in Colombo, the President Sirisena said there are over 1600 refugees in Sri Lanka from other countries and that with the current situation in the country he is unable to ensure their security.

“There have been here for several years. The UN has taken care of their security. They have also taken care of their needs and informed us about their security,” the President said.

“I want your help to send them back. We can no longer care for them. Some of them have got involved in illegal activities too,” Sirisena said while addressing the foreign envoys.

The United Nations representative had earlier assured that he would attempt to find an acceptable solution as early as possible.

Majority of the Pakistani asylum seekers and refugees are Ahmadi Muslims and Christians who fled to Sri Lanka to escape religious persecution in Pakistan.