SNP MP Angus Robertson meets Ahmadiyya Leader in London

SNP MP Angus Robertson meets Ahmadiyya Leader in London
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Leader of the Scottish National Party in UK Parliament, Angus Robertson met with the leader of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community at the community’s headquarters in London on Wednesday, April 27th.

During a Parliament session on April, 20th the SNP leader questioned the British Prime Minister David Cameron on the issue of rising anti-Ahamdiyya hatred in the UK. He also asked the PM to back the United Against Extremism campaign launched by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

The Times Newspaper reported that Ahmadi community leaders present during the meeting called for the tightening of UK’s hate speech laws and insisted that Mosques should be monitored to prevent extremism being imported from countries such as Pakistan.

The Times reported that Farooq Aftab, an Ahmadi youth leader who was present during the meeting told the MP that Politicians needed to intervene to prevent extremist clerics from producing the same hateful atmosphere which lead to Ahmadis leaving Pakistan.

Speaking to Mr Robertson Aftab said:

“The death of Asad Shah was a turning point for us”
“We know f boycotts and assaults of Ahmadi Muslims but nothing like this had happened before”

40-year-old Ahmadi Muslim Asad Shah, was stabbed to death last month by 32-year-old Tanveer Ahmed who later said he killed Mr Shah for “disrespecting Islam”.

Mr Robertson said

“There are reports of Ahmadi Muslims being refused employment, businesses being boycotted, schoolchildren being bullied and shunned, and in Scotland, people like the lawyer Aamer Anwar, who has worked to bring faith leaders together, have faced death threats.”

He called on politicians to condemn the “prejudice faced by Ahmadi Muslim Community”.



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One thought on “SNP MP Angus Robertson meets Ahmadiyya Leader in London

  1. Golry be to Almighty Allah that the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is getting positive response from the government and the politicians in the UK on the persecution being faced by the community from the extreme Muslims. It is very sad that Muslims would be fighting another Muslims all in the name of the SAME religion while reading the same Quran!Almighty Allah says that when we differ in certain aspects of our religion we should turn to Allah and His prophet Muhammad (PBUH) for solutions but alas! These extremists don’t want Allah and His prophet to intervene because they considered themselves to be above God and His prophet hence,they resulted to killing and preaching hatred and violence against another Muslims they differe in interpreting certain aspect of the same religion.Well,we should not be surprised because the holy prophet Muhammad (saw) had foretold that a time like this would come upon Muslims when their scholars would be the worst under the heaven,that the fitna (trouble) would be eminating from them and to them would it return.At the same time the prophet (saw) promised the Muslim Humaa that the reformer and Mahdi would come to reform the Muslims .This reformer is the founder of Ahmadiyya Jama’at but these extremist Muslims don’t want to be reformed,they are the sword wielded Jihadists, people should beware of them.I am very happy that the government is rising to the situation and trying to curb their excesses. The government should not allow these fanatic Muslims to have their root in the UK,they are the agents of Satan, they should not be allowed to be causing violence and hatred as they are doing in Pakistan, Indonesia and some other Muslim countries. Let the government be monitoring all mosques and sanction any mosques that preach hatred and violence in whatever form.