Shia Imam starts off Ramadan by visiting Ahmadiyya Mosque

Shia Imam starts off Ramadan by visiting Ahmadiyya Mosque

In a bid to spread the spirit of Ramadan a Shia Imam spent the first day of the Islamic holy month at an Ahmadiyya Mosque.

Imam Tawhidi spent the first night of Ramadan with the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community at the community’s Mosque in Beverly, South Australia. Imtiaz Ahmed Naveed of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and Imam Tawhidi, both spoke about the importance of cooperation and commonalities between the diverse communities of Australia.

Imam Tawhidi also met with the head organizers of the association and paid his respects to the entire community.

In a statement the Islamic Association of South Australia thanked the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association for its warm welcome of Imam Tawhidi.



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