Sectarian group carries out anti-Ahmadiyya procession in Rabwah

Sectarian group carries out anti-Ahmadiyya procession in Rabwah


On 25th January 2013 ( 12 Rabiul Awwal ) Muslims around the world celebrated the birthday of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.). Mullahs associated with Mjalis e Ahrar and Khatm e Nabuwat movement used the celebrations as an excuse to carry out an anti-Ahmadiyya procession in Rabwah.

The procession started from Kot Wasawa, a suburb of Chenab Nagar and went on to Aqsa square via the Degree College. On its way to the bus stand it stopped infront of the local court house and the offices of the Khuddam ul Ahmadiyya Pakistan (Ahmadiyya Youth Association) where highly provocative language was used against the Ahmadiyya community and instead of speaking on the merits of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) the speakers maligned the leaders of Ahmadiyya community and raised anti-Ahmadiyya slogans.

Residents of Rabwah also voiced concerns over the participants of the rally who were brought in from outside under special arrangements and many of them were members of banned terrorist organizations such as SSP (Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan) & LEJ (Lashkar e Jahngavi), Both of these organizations are involved in sectarian violence.

khatmenabuwat_conference6The rally also stopped infront of Fazle Omar Hospital blocking the only two entrances which meant both staff and patients couldn’t get to the hospital. Fazle Omar Hospital serves the healthcare and medical needs of people throughout the district.

Ninety-five percent population of Rabwah (Chenab Nagar) belongs to Ahmadiyya Muslim Community who are denied freedom of expression; on the contrary the extremist elements routinely wage campaigns to threaten the Ahmadi population of Rabwah.

According to Ahmadis rallies like these only spread sectarian hatred and pose a threat to the law and order of Rabwah whose residents have to remain on guard all the time.

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8 thoughts on “Sectarian group carries out anti-Ahmadiyya procession in Rabwah

  1. Dr.Alama Iqbal has said about this type of Mullahns;
    Jehaad-e Mullah Fasaad fee sabeelillah…! so what could be aspects
    by these Mullahns …their rally was not in Hubb-e “Alli”, it was accually Bughz-e “Moaavia”….!!

  2. That was a historic rally of Majlis Ahrar Islam. I salute to Mujahideen e Ahrar.that was a peaceful rallay of All school of thoughts and no tention was created.The participetns were there for only invitatation of islam to Qadanis.

  3. Allah may guide these ignorant people to the right path who do not have true knowledge of Islam and beautiful life of founder of Islam. Holy Prophet, s.a.w., never advised such behaviour.