Rana Abrar Hussain – Face of Yellow Journalism

A few days ago Chenab Nagar (Rabwah) was rocked by a terrible crime which happened in the local Main marketplace where a Local journalist named Rana Abrar Hussain was shot dead. This resulted in the local newspapers and media outlets publishing hate filled news reports. In these reports the readers were lead to believe that the murder was carried out on the orders of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

This resulted in rallies being carried out in different parts of the country against Ahmadiyya Muslim Community during these rallies the protesters demanded the arrest of members of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and demanded for legal action to be taken against them.

The cause of the unrest was the news published in the local papers however, all of the FREE PRESS failed to publish the reason behind the murder, the story was never investigated properly, and the facts were never revealed.

Some of the newspapers who openly represent the local extremist elements, which include clerics of many religious parties publically published, hate filled news reports against Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

Ignoring that the guilty was arrested the same night after which he was taken to the local police station where he acknowledged the murder of the Journalist Rana Abrar Hussain.

The guilty was motivated after Rana Abrar Hussain conned him out of huge sum of money and afterwards Hussain subjected him to blackmail, The local police and the courts refused him help due to the journalists close ties with the influential people both in Police and in the Courts.

The reality is that he was not the only one dozens of other people in and around Chiniot District were conned and blackmailed by him, He was also part of the local land Mafia which was involved in forcefully collecting money from a score of home owners.

This is the real face of Yellow Journalism in Pakistan he was declared a Martyr and a Fighter for the cause of Khatme Nubuwwat.


Some of the local clerics were also present at the scene, in these exclusive pictures on the left you can see Molana Shabir Usmani of Khatme Nubuwwat while on the other hand his son can be seen taking money out of the shop counter and putting into his pocket.

Ahmadiyya Community was declared non-Muslim in 1974 and since then orthodox Muslims have been involved in a hate campaign against them, which has resulted in the persecution of Ahmadiyya Community in Pakistan.

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6 thoughts on “Rana Abrar Hussain – Face of Yellow Journalism

  1. Ahmadiyat is fake and making people fool. i have studied their books, i have references but unfortunately they didnt. agar ye log sachy hoty and agar in ka so called nabi sacha hota tu 44 saal pehly parliment mai sabit kar daity apny nabi ko. sach kabhi haarta nahi.

  2. How stupid u people are ? i am confused on ur imagination. from 1 picture u people are saying .he is taking money from shop counter ! Allah tum logoon par rehm kary aur hidayat day ..I hate Qadyanis

  3. I seriously think these people are on the edge of distruction because of there foul works and
    Hate preaching against ahmaddis, there own religion is falling down the drain with the worst sins bejng committed,and they have the courage to still stand up and point at us for doing the wrong and or believing the wrong…. May Allah have mercy on them…