Radical Pakistani TV show host barred from entering U.S.

A Pakistani TV show known for his extreme views and hate speech has been barred from entering the U.S.

Orya Maqbool Jan who hosts TV Show “Harf-e-Raz” on NEO TV claimed he was stopped from boarding a flight to the U.S. by Pakistan’s airport authorities. Jan claimed the “American narrative in the Muslim world had failed and is closed to its worst defeat in Afghanistan”, he added “if they [U.S.] want to take revenge by stopping me from going to the U.S. then I have no interest in visiting the U.S. anyways. ”

“I am very happy that they wrote a letter and stopped me from boarding the plane”

Jan who started off his career as a writer is known for his extremist views. In October 2016 he along with a mob of over 100 people stormed the office of Pakistan’s Electronic Media Authority (PEMRA) after a hate speech complaint was filed against his program. Similarly, in October 2017, Jan claimed that minority Ahmadis deserved to be killed.

Speaking to NEO TV about the ban he questioned the U.S. Embassy decision and asked:

“Why was I issued a 5-year long visit visa in the first place if he could not travel”

In May last year, author and former Member of Pakistani Parliament, Farahnaz Ispahani had questioned the U.S. Embassy’s decision to grant him a visa.

Jan claimed that his visa was issued two years ago which indicates that he was issued a visa in 2016 under President Obama’s administration. The current ban on Jan suggests that the Trump administration is getting tougher on immigration, this could mean stricter background checks for individuals from high-risk countries like Pakistan.

Meanwhile, Pakistanis on Twitter questioned why was Jan interested in visiting a country whose inhabitants he considered to be “Infidels”

Ehsan is the founder & editor of Rabwah Times. He is currently baesd in Washington D.C. from where he covers Human Rights & Religious Freedom issues.
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