Sherry Rehman accused of bias due to Jang gaffe

Sherry Rehman accused of bias due to Jang gaffe

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Vice President and former federal minister Senator Sherry Rehman has been accused of inciting religious hatred against the persecuted Ahmadiyya sect after a hateful article appeared in an Urdu daily under her name.

The article which was published on April 4th wrongly attributed a hateful statement against Ahmadis to Pakistan People’s Party’s Vice President Sherry Rehman.

Soon after the publication of this article Ms. Rehman personally responded and clarified her stance with the following tweets:

On May 3rd 2016, Daily Jang issued a public apology stating that the anti-Ahmadiyya content in the April 4th article was wrongly attributed to Ms. Rehman due to an editorial mistake.

On Saturday April 29th, another PPP leader and former Prime Minister Raja Parvaiz Ashraf also made similar remarks while addressing a political gathering in Kotli, Azad Kashmir.

In 2009, the PPP sponsored an anti-Ahmadiyya conference in Lahore and advertised it by placing banners across the city. In 2010, under the Presidency of Pakistan People’s Party’s (PPP) Asif Ali Zardari, two Ahmadiyya Mosques were attacked which resulted in the death of over 90 Ahmadis.

Founded in 1889, the Ahmadiyya is a sect of Islam which is considered heretics by mainstream Muslims. In 1974, Pakistan’s government lead by then Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali amended the constitution to declare the Ahmadiyya Muslims a “non-Muslim” minority. Human Rights organizations have urged the government to repeal the laws which encourage and legalize the persecution of the Ahmadiyya community.



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19 thoughts on “Sherry Rehman accused of bias due to Jang gaffe


    On the top right hand corner of front page of Daily “JANG” of April 04, 2016 it is printed. “Duly Certified Publication”( BAQAIDAH TASDEEQ SHDAH ISHAT). Therefore, based on the previous fanatic record of Jang Group against Ahmadi Muslims, these few lines were inserted with malafied intention, not a technical computer mistake. Clarification by Group is after thought.
    The Editor is fully responsible for this fanaticism creating hatred against Ahmadi Muslims.

  2. This is not the Sherry Rehman known to us. As she is denying this statement, let us see how Daily Jang reacts to this but Raja Pervaiz can not deny his words. Raja should also be reminded whose neck was grabbed in the end? Ahmadis or Bhutto’s?

    1. مگر محترمہ شیری نے اخبار کے خلاف کیا کارروائی شروع کی
      وہ بات اخبار نے ان سے منسوب ہی کیوں کہ جو انہوں نے نہیں کہہ اس سے فتنہ پھیلتا ہے لاکھوں کی دل آزاری ہوئی ہے دنیا میں پاکستان اور پارٹی کی بدنامی ہوئی ہے
      کیا ایکشن لیا شیری صاحبہ آپ نے
  3. The second coming of Jesus who would not conquer lands but propagate The Core Message of ‘Love for All and hatred for none’ was prophesied long ago.The true message of Islam is only with the followers of the Promised Messiah a.s.
    Each of the teachings of the Promised Messiah a.s strengthens this foundation of Islam in these spiritually dark ages. It is high time that the people of Pakistan realize that.

    1. Sherry has clarified that she did not utter these words and I believe her. I trust her words more that the words of jang newspaper.

  4. ہم احمدی دن رات اس قوم کی بھلائی اور راہِ راست پر آنے کے لئے دعاؤں میں لگے ہوے ہیں لیکن یہ جاھل لوگ اپنے لئے بھی اور اپنی قوم کے لئے بھی قہرِ خداوندی کو پکار رہے ہیں۔
    یا الله تو ہی اس قوم پر رحم فرما اور انہیں ان بد طینت لالچی اور بد دیانت لوگوں کے چنگل سے آزاد کروا۔ اور ان کی آنکھیں کھول دے، ان کے دلوں کے قفل کھول دے، تاکہ یہ دکھ سکھیں کہ بھٹو نے اگر واقعی دینِ اسلام کی خدمت کی تھی تو الله تعالٰی نے اسے انعام و اکرام سے نوازنے کی بجائے اُسے اور اُس کے تمام خاندان کو ذلّت آمیز موتیں کیوں دیں۔ پھر یہیں پر بات ختم نہیں کر دی۔ بعد ازاں ایک اور فرعون پیدا ہوا اور اپنے زعم میں احمدیوں کو صفہ ہستی سے مٹانے کا بیڑا لے کر چلا۔ ایسا آرڈیننس لایا کہ انسانیت شرما اٹھی۔ اگر احمدیت غلط ہوتی تو واقعی اب تک صفہِ ہستی سے مٹ چکی ہوتی۔ مگر ہوا کیا؟ اس فرعون کو نہ زمین نے قبول کیا اور نہ ہی آسمان نے۔ لیکن دنیا کو عبرت کا نشان یاد کروانے کے
    لئے اسکی قبریہ نشانی کو محفوظ کردیا۔
    کیا سعید روحوں کے لئے یہ کھلے کھلے نشان کافی
    نہیں۔ یاد رکھو جو قومیں الٰہی نشانوں کے باوجود توبہ استغفار نہیں کرتیں اور ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔! تو پھر الله تعالٰی کا عذاب ان کا مقدر ہو جاتا ہے
  5. Tanweer Akhtar Shahid · Edit

    What a disgrace these people are to the nation!!! One day this same “andhon mein kana” raja was saying “love for all hatred for none” is ppp philosophy. This is Ahmadiyya motto the whole world knows is and admires it. Ms Rehman has also said something which is totally against for what she has been displaying her character in the past. What a shame!!!!