Pakistani soldier from Ahmadiyya community dies fighting militants in Balochistan

Pakistani soldier from Ahmadiyya community dies fighting militants in Balochistan

21-year-old Qazi Muhammad Shoukat Ghani died during a firefight in Pakistan’s Southern province of Balochistan.

Shoukat, an Ahmadiyya Muslim by faith was a resident of Rabwah and was a sepoy in the Kashmir Regiment. He was killed after his post in the Pasni area of Balochistan came under fire from separatist militants.

Shoukat’s body was brought back to Rabwah under strict security arrangements and was buried Monday in the ‘Martyrs Graveyard’ with full military honors. Pakistani army personnel placed flowers on behalf of Pakistan’s Prime Minister and the Chief of Armed Forces.

Talking to the media Shoukat’s father Qazi Abdul Ghani said:

“I am proud that my Son has given his life for his country”

Shoukat’s family moved to Rabwah after their house in Azad Kashmir regularly got caught in crossfire between Pakistani and Indian forces.

On Friday, 8th April Head of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community offered Shoukat’s funeral prayer in absentee and praised his services to Pakistan and the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.



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8 thoughts on “Pakistani soldier from Ahmadiyya community dies fighting militants in Balochistan

  1. Innalillahi wa inna ilaehi rajhuuna. May Almighty Allah have mercy on Martyred Qazi Muhammad,forgive him and admit him into Aljana Fridaos.This is a member of the most persecuted Muslim minority in Pakistan sacrificed his life to defend his beloved country. Despite the government sponsor persecution of Ahmadis in Pakistan Ahmadis never and Will never disown their beloved country rather they always be at forefront defending and praying for their country wherever they may be.May Allah grant the bereaved family of ShouKat fortitude and courage to bear this irreparable loss. I also pray for peace and justice to reign in Pakistan. Allahunmo Aamren.M.A.Raheem (Nigeria)

  2. Innalillahe wa inna ilehe rajeoun. May Allah Taala forgive young Ahmadi Muslim Martyred (Shaheed ) Qazi Muhammad Shoukat Ghani, the brave soldier of Pakistan Army and bless him with an elevated place in Jannatul Fidaus near Holy Prophet Hadhrat Muhammad Mustafa (saw). Amin. May Allah Taala give courage & steadfastness to his parents and family members to bear this irreparable loss. Amin. With utmost love.

  3. The  valiant soldier Qazi Muhammad  Shoukat Ghani has proved, by sacrificing his life, that his love for his nation and his commitment  to  his country is unbound. Belonging to a persecuted  Ahmadi community in Pakistan, the truly devoted soldier has fulfilled his commitment. (May Allah  bless his soul.Amen.)It is high time that the people of Pakistan stop oppressing the Ahmadi community and other communities and start living in peace and harmony with their brethren.

    1. Well-said. A beautiful response by Qazi sahib’s respected father, too, who despite losing his son, is proud that he has fulfilled his duty towards his country. May Allah bless his soul and grant his family peace and security. Ameen!

  4. Whenever our country needs a sacrifice of life, we Ahmadis always prove that love for our own country is a part of our faith, as said by our beloved Holy Prophet (pbuh). We do not care what the governments or mullahs think about us because our faith is with us and our Allah. This young gentleman has strongly proven that the allegation that “Ahmadis are the enemy of Pakistan” is very wrong by giving his life for his country. May Allah accept his sacrifice and keep our country safe from all evils.