Pakistan arrests 4 Ahmadis during Rabwah Raid

Four Ahmadis were arrested Monday afternoon in Pakistan, during a raid on the offices of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

The arrests were carried out in the Ahmadiyya majority town of Rabwah by the CTD (Counter-Terrorism Department) of Punjab Police. CTD is responsible for investigating terrorism and sectarian-related incidents.

Three police vans with 28 heavily armed officers forced their way into the ‘Tehrik-e-Jadid’ building and ‘slammed’ the workers onto the ground according to witnesses. At the same time, another group of officers made their way up to the publishing office on the second floor of the building, where they arrested four office workers affiliated with the Ahmadiyya community’s magazine. Officers also sealed the community’s printing press which was used to publish the community’s daily newspaper ‘Al Fazl’ and the ‘Tehrik-e-Jadid’ magazine, both of which are ‘banned’ according to the Police.

Another CTD unit entered the building’s security room and brutally assaulted the security manager on duty, due to the severity of his injuries, the manager had to be treated at a local hospital. Before leaving, the CTD officers also disabled the CCTV system and took away office equipment including computers, cell phones, and several books. Witnesses say Police officers refused to show any search or arrest warrants.

The Express Tribune reported that five workers were also booked under Sections 298-B, 298-B (a) and 298-C of Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) and 9-II (w) of Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA).

Saleemudin, spokesperson for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community said, the magazines were banned in December 2014, but the court subsequently granted a stay in June 2015. “Since then the magazine is being published,” he claimed.

CTD Punjab chief Additional IG Rai Muhammad Tahir told the media that he consulted his legal team about the court stay and was informed that “there is no stay order intact until now”.

Tahir said, the CTD team decided that there “is no judicial bar” on conducting a raid, adding the raid had nothing to do with any pressure group.

Pakistani rights activists and Journalists criticized the increasing hostility of the Government towards Ahmadis and took to social media to raise their concerns.

Ahmadis who identify themselves as Muslims are considered heretics by mainstream Muslims. Due to their beliefs, Ahmadis were declared non-Muslims by the Pakistani government in 1974. Since then they have been fiercely persecuted in Pakistan, both by the state and extremists. They have been arrested for reading the Holy Quran, holding religious celebrations and having Quranic verses on rings or wedding cards. Four years ago, 86 Ahmadis were killed in two simultaneous attacks in Lahore.

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  1. All these atrocities against the Jama’at Ahmadiyya by Pakistani government in collaboration with the Mullahs are being noticed by Almighty Allah and very soon He would descend on all the perpetrators. The government of Nawaz Sharif is using government’s apparatus to be persecuting Ahmadis on daily basis without any incriminating evidence against Ahmadis. Let him be reminded that his predecessors, Ali Butho and Ziaul Haq did the same thing and they met their doom in miraculous ways.The same God that wiped the duo out of existence is still watching Sharif and his co travellers in this ignoble action against the Ahmadis.They should stop waging war against Allah and mend their ways. Nawaz Sharif should call his mad dogs police and Mullahs to order and act righteousnessly before the punishment from all powerful Allah comes. Let there be freedom of religion and association for all citizens without exception. Ahmadis are known throughout the world as a peace loving Muslim body,they never coerce any body to accept their faith as there is no compulsion in Islam. May Almighty Allah protect all our Ahmadis brothers and sisters in Rabawah and give you strength and fortitude to endure all these persecutions to the glory of Almighty Allah.Ahmadis in Nigeria are with you and sharing your feelings in this trying moment and for ever. May Allah heal all those that sustained injuries during this dastardly raiding of the Jama’at building by the terrorist Pakistan police. All these persecutions of Jama’at Ahmadiyya be it in Pakistan,Indonesia, Algeria and wherever will soon come to an end,they are only testifying to the truth of the Promised Messiah’s Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (a.s), the truth shall prevail.However,no amount of their threats and persecutions will stop the progress of the Ahmadiyya Jama’at,Insha Allah.

  2. I am a Hindu from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. I have several tenants who are Ahmediyas.They are the most decent, honorable and honest persons that I have met.

  3. May Allah protect our beloved city Rabwah and our beloved Ahmadi from Pakistan from state terorizam.Ahmadis are peaceful citizen.They never create disorder in any country. They never deliver hearted speeches. Mullah who create disorder in our country is free and peaceful people are behind the bar. Shameful act from Pakistani police.

  4. No one should urge the Pakistani so called government to protect the rights of Ahmadi-Muslims. The pseudo government itself is the perpetrator of the atrocities against Ahmadi Muslims. Pakistan as it is today is a terrorist state, a state run by people who live on dope. As a pariah state, one does not expect anything less than the new tactics of the terrorist gangsters in police uniforms. They seem to have a field day as no one challenges them in their criminal raids of Ahmadiyya complex. It is apparent that the beginning of this rogue state is about to set in. ALLAH is He Who dealt with the people of the elephant, the people of Aad, Thamud, Fir’aon, Nebuchadnezzar, and a host of other tyrants. There is no where in history that any one no matter how powerful fought against the people of God and succeeded. This case of Pakistan will not be an exception. Afghanistan in 1902 tried it and failed. It not only failed but till date, it is living with the consequences of their dastardly and inhuman murder of Sayyed Abdul Lateef and Abdur Rahman. We shall see.

  5. The jihadi mullahs of Pakistan & their pro militant Nawaz Govt are mistaken that they can wipe out Ahmadiyyat from their soil. Ahmadies are busy spreading the message of peaceful Islam across the globe after having established their foothold in 207 countries.This is the most popular sect among all sects of Islam the world over. Shame on those perpetrating hatred & massacre in the name of Islam.

  6. My prayers are with all my brothers and sisters in Rabwah. May Allah grant all of you strength and patience. Know with certainty that these persecutions is, in many ways a blessing from Allah. It grants us certainty that we are on the true path. And know for sure, that the day is very near, when all this will end and Insyallah, we will inherit this land. Be steadfast in prayer and doa’s. Allah is also planning.
    We here in Malaysia are always with you. Insyallah.

  7. It is further added that later Zia-ul-Islam press was raised over and the employees were beaten badly and asked several questions about publishing. A personnel Mr Idrees were taken by the CTD force. Many published matters were also taken.

  8. On 05.12.2016, when PM of Pakistan Nawaz Sharief announced one department of QAU to be named as Dr Abdus Salam, same time, on flimsy complaints lodged by so called Tahuffaz Khatme Nabuwwat, the Punjab Police department raided the Ahmadiyya Headquarter in Chanab Nagar, Rabwah. 16 policemen with masked faces forcefully entered the compounds while 12 policemen took the positions as it was raid on some very dangerous organisation. Every body on the scene was ordered either to lay down or freeze where ever he was.

    Police entered the publications department and ordered the officer in charge to offer for arrest. On questioning to show the arrest warrant, he was mishandled and police forcefully took his laptop and mobile phones. Later police forcefully broke the control room and started beating the person on duty who later landed in intensive care. Computers, laptops and mobile phones were snatched from every body. Licensed guns which were in control room were also confiscated and police did not bother to acknowledge even a receipt for it.

    Three employees of the publication department were forcefully taken in to custody without having shown any arrest warrant. The police operation continued for half an hour and then whole police force went away with 3 x Ahmadiyya employees as prisoners along with lot of material confiscated from the Ahmadiyya Headquarters. A sorrow and sad feeling has engulfed the whole city. No one knows under which law this sudden raid was conducted. Arrests without warrants also raise many questions about the rule of the law in this country. Ahmadiyya is peaceful tiny community in Pakistan which has never indulged in any anti state activity. However under the pretext of anti Ahmadiyya laws, such atrocities are very common against this patriotic and peace loving community. We launch a strong appeal to the PM of Pakistan to please look in to matter to ensure fair and just treatment, protection and safety of the Pakistani Ahmadiyya Community.

    1. Allah Almighty sees every thing and will take action in due time InshAllah.may be possible it is now turn for shahbaz sharif after zia ul haque and police persoonnel who are responsible such barbaric action.

  9. May Allah give All Ahmadies great strentgh and greatest courage to coope with all this nonesense acts and May God take revenge by himself because God is watching us beyond our thoughts.

  10. Pakistan government has not learnt the lesson from the anarchy created by sectarianism that it has promoted to control the layman. The injustice done o Ahmadis or other marginalized groups in the society only pile up the already mounting record of cruelty and oppression. May Allah Almighty guide the government of Pakistan to mend its ways.

  11. I am shocked on Pakistani so called muslim government that use law to do unlawful things. I am asking Pakistani government to answer on this incident. Without any warrant entring in private property. The primeminister of Pakistan is responsible for that incident and he should be held accountable for that. I am waiting for the answer and will not sit quite.

  12. They are attacking and arresting those who are simple unharmful people, who pray for humanity and observe fast every week so that this world is saved. Very tragic. But our Lord is King of kings and HE will deal with all beasts, InshAllah.

  13. Shame on Government of Pakistan who is unable to protect the innocent, peace loving people of Ahmadyia Muslim Jamaat. What this Government is doing to Ahmadies is not the same as what the people of Mecca did to our beloved Holy Prophet peace be upon him and his followers.
    These so-called Muslims think that they are God and they don’t remember that one day they have to answer to Allah the Almighty. What will happen then? How will they clarify their insane actions to Him ? O my Allah have Mercy on innocent people of Pakistan and safeguard them from the cruel and wicked Mullahs and the Government who is playing in their hands. Ameen

  14. May Allah swt grant us steadfastness, May Allah swt show us His mercy, May Allah accept our prayers, May Allah always give His protection on Islam Ahmadiyyat.ameen

  15. The Holy Quran teaches us the beautiful teachings- ‘There is no compulsion in the matter of religion’. The Ahmadi Muslims practice the true teachings of the Holy Quran and Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) all over the world.Today the Ahmadiyya Muslims are rendering humanitarian activities in the world. We urge upon Pakistan Government to stop persecution on Ahmadiyya Muslims and allow them to practice their faith.

  16. What Pakistan Government is doing by persecuting innocent Ahmadi Muslims in the name of Islam has no relation with the teachings of true Islam. Government must stop these type of heinous activities.

  17. What’s wrong with Pakistan they persecute the peaceful Ahmadiyya Muslim Community for absolutely no reasons but elect as a member of Parliament a terrorist son of a convicted terrorist leader of a banned terrorist outfit Sipah e Suhaba.
    Shame on Pakistan for giving into terror groups mistreating it’s minorities especially the Christian and Ahmadi Muslims. The perpetrators behind this are the very mullahs who opposed the creation of Pakistan and now they are pulling the strings. The rulers should be ashamed of themselves for falling so low by playing in the hands of very people who want to destroy Pakistan. Its a real shame.

  18. What’s wrong with Pakistan they persecute the peaceful Ahmadiyya Muslim Community for absolutely no reasons but elect as a member of Parluament a terrorist son of a convicted terrorist leader of a banned terrorist outfit Sipah e Suhaba.
    Shame on Pakistan for giving into terror groups mistreating it’s minorities especially the Christian and Ahmadi Muslims. The perpetrators behind this are the very mullahs who opposed the creation of Pakistan and now they are pulling the strings. The rulers should be ashamed of themselves for falling so low by playing in the hands of very people who want to destroy Pakistan. Its a real shame.

  19. Amazing that Counter Terrorism Unit acted like terrorists themselves by beating up security personnel and disabling CCTVs. Are they legit?

  20. We are the targets of the state and the universal terrorist groups like tehrik e Insaf !!!
    Exactly as was predicted by our Holy Prophet (saw) !!!
    Word for word he was able to describe these despicable heinous institutions harming, destroying and persecuting us in such brutal ways from some 1500 years back !!!?
    How can we not be persecuted and bear witness to almighty Allah that yes we have been these atrocities committed by our own governments, Mullahs’ & the lawless justice system of Pakistan and elsewhere !!!??
    “We bear witness that there is no God but Allah and Mohammed (peace be upon him) is the messenger” !!!
    “Love for all hatred for none is our motto” !!!
    May Allah give streghnth and courage to all our dear members, who have suffered in the hands of their own, who needed to guide and protect them, instead, got beaten and hurt !!
    May these monkeys and apes learn from their own acts of terrorism and inhuman characters towards the innocent public !!
    Inshallah !!
    We shall stand together stronger against the humiliation the Pakistani Government has given us so far and more yet to come Inshallah !!
    Inshallah !!
    Inshallah !!!