Islamist Extremists plan march against Ahmadis in Rabwah

Khatme-Nabuwat Sargodha an anti-Ahmadiyya Islamist group has postponed the staging of a protest demonstration in Rabwah by 15 days after district authorities promised to redress its grievances.

The organisation had originally planned to stage the demonstration on December 26th but has decided to postpone the protest by 15 days after receiving assurances from district authorities. A representative of the organization said the organisation would stage nationwide demonstrations if the government did not accept its demands.

According to the poster circulated by the said organisation, they intend to decisively put an end to what they view as the “cruel un-Islamic activities” of Ahmadis. The organisation has asked the Ahmadi residents of Rabwah to immediately remove Quranic verses and the Islamic references from all Ahmadi buildings and stop ‘posing’ as Muslims.

The organisation said it would be forced to take unilateral action if the community failed to follow its orders.

Provocative material against the Ahmadiyya community has been in circulation for two weeks. Graffiti sympathetic to the organisation has started appearing on walls and regular announcements are being made through loudspeakers at mosques to gather great support for the event.

Spokesperson of Jammat e Ahmadiyya Pakistan Saleemuddin has warned that the protest could spark anti-Ahmadiyya unrest. He said most of Rabwah’s residents are Ahmadis who constantly living in fear due to such elements. Saleemuddin said the protest could result in loss of life if it turned violent. He said the organisation should not be permitted to stage the demonstration as the law and order situation in the country was not conducive to holding rallies. Saleemuddin urged the government to take steps to secure the life and property of Rabwah’s residents and stop the protest from being staged.