Iran opposes appointment of ‘Qadiani’ Asma Jahangir as UN Rapporteur on Human Rights

Iran has slammed the decision by United Nations to appoint Asma Jahangir as special rapporteur on Human Rights in Iran and called her out as a ‘Qadiani’, a derogatory term used for members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Sect.

Pakistani Lawyer and Human Rights activist Asma Jahangir was appointed as the United Nation’s Special Rapporteur for Human Rights to Iran on Thursday, September, 1 replacing Maldivian diplomat Ahmed Shaheed.

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi said: “We have been principally opposed to the appointment of (UN) rapporteur on Iran,He said the UN officials receive information from “inauthentic sources” that are hostile to the Islamic Republic.

He went on to say that “The historical irony is that the human rights rapporteur on Iran is appointed with the endorsement of Saudi Arabia, which is a child-murderer regime,”.

Iran’s state-owned IRIB news (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting) claimed Jahangir was a ‘heretic’ and a ‘Qadiani’. The report said Jahangir was a follower of the Ahmadiyya sect which is a ” misguided cult created by the British, just like the Baha’i “

Other Iranian media outlets including Tasnim News and Atrak also published similar reports. Former Editor of Iran’s most influential newspaper the Daily Kayhan also tweeted about the issue.

The claims stem from a 2010 campaign against Jahangir by Khatme Nabuwwat Lawyers Forum of Pakistan. At the time her spokesman said Jahangir was a Muslim and her opponents were criticizing her for fighting for the rights of minorities and the destitute.

The followers of the Ahmadiyya sect of Islam are considered to be heretics by mainstream Muslims and face severe persecution in countries like Pakistan where they face state-sponsored persecution. Members of the Ahmadiyya sect(“Ahmadis”) profess to be Muslims but Pakistani law prohibits them from acting or behaving like Muslims, a crime which can get them punished under “anti-Ahmadiyya laws” of Pakistan.

Ehsan Rehan
Ehsan is a Washington D.C. based reporter who covers Human Rights & Religious Freedom issues.Twitter: @Ehzan

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  1. It is strange, how Iran get misled by the agenda of Khatme Nabuwat group the enemies of Islam of Rasool Allah SAW. Asma Jahangeer is a great human rights activist and cares for humanity and justice.

    I congratulate her for being selected for the UN post for human rights.

  2. I congratulate Asma Bibi for her new appointment.She is well known human rights activist.
    She can now herself understand the persecution faced by Ahmaies all over the Islamic countries..
    What do Mullahs of Pakistan say about SHIAS .
    Recently Saudi Chief Imam has declared Shias as non-muslims, Iran should accept this Fatwa in similar way as they saying about Ahmadis

  3. Strange! If Saudi recommendation is required to being appointed on Human Rights Commission then how would an Ahmadi get this recommendation from Saudis, who are so inimical to the Ahmadis. The real problem these days with the Muslims is lack of Taqwa. They self-appoint themselves as the real representatives of Islam and declare any one who would not be from among themselves as a heretic and kafir. May Allah help Islam and these misguided Muslims.

  4. Asma gahngeer sahba good work abut human rights in pakistan so many peaple calld qadine but she is wise of those peaple not any help after God

  5. The other day when the self-acclaimed mufti in Saudi Arabia described the Iranians as non-Muslims, describing them as children of Zorostrians, fire-worshippers, we joined to condemn the said so-called Mufti. Today the said non-Muslims in the words of the Mufti now say Ahmadies are heretics, and misguided cult created by the British! Alas for the Iranians!! No doubt we unlike the Saudi Arabia so-called Mufti, would not call the Iranians as non-Muslims; but we must remember that the Holy Prophet Muhammad on whom be peace said that any Muslim who calls a fellow Muslim as kafir, has himself become a kafir. We can see that the blood of fire worshippers of the yore is very much running in the veins of this Iranians who subscribe to this erroneous view or belief that Ahmadies are heretics.

    If any Muslim deserves to be so branded as heretic, it is the Iranians who hold certain obnoxious beliefs, such as forging an additional Surah they call Surah Wilayah to the Holy Quran preserved by Almighty Allah Himself. Their Azan extols Hazrat Ali! Is it Islamic to rever Hazrat Ali (ra), the Fourth Caliph of Muhammad (saw) over and above the Noble Prophet Muhammad (saw)?

    Manufacturing military hardware and resisting all forms of Western pressures under the guise that the West is against Islam does not in any way confer authority on Iran to play God. They have fallen into the same error just as the Saudis did as it affects the Iranians themselves.

    Kudos to our sister Jahangir for this prestigious appointment. We know that Iran just as the Saudis have very bad human rights records. They know Jahangir Sahibah would not sweep any discovery under the carpet. Iran’s consistent and persistent human-rights violations are haunting her. Objection to Jahangir’s appointment as UN Rapporteur is a subterfuge to hide it’s poor human rights records from being further exposed.

  6. What if someone has doubt on his / her beliefs over a different religion. How Iranian or antithetical Muslim can have faith on Asma Jahangir?? Is she loyal to Pakistan or Iran or Islam??

    Defiantly her religion has doubts among Muslims , so she shouldn’t be appointed there. A neutral person is always a best choice. And everyone knows Asma Jahangir’s loyalities ????

    1. Not only Iranians but the entire 72 sects are resembling of the shoes of the other feet so far !!!
      Only the (73rd) the Ahmadies or Qadianis have been able to speak and spend all their efforts to call the whole world to come under the guidance of Khilafat-e-Nabouwah or peaceful Islam we present, Alhamdolillah !!!
      Where is your kind of Islam inviting us to ??
      If you do ??
      You murderous, notorious, illiterate, bigots !!!

  7. I congratulate Asma Jahangir on her new appointment, may Allah assist her to discharge her responsibilities faithfully, Aameen. When will these fanatics disguising as defenders of Islam stop their petty jealousy? If the UN officials have not found her as a competent individual they would not have given her this appointment.Instead of Iran to rally round her and give her full support and see how she is going to discharge her responsibility as a UN Rapporteur on human rights, the Iranian people resorted to religious issue as if she is going there to work for Islam and Muslims! These people have been blindfolded with their religious bigotry.By the way,what type of Islam are these people professing? The Islam that the Almighty Allah sent to the world through His beloved prophet,Muhammad (s.a.w),is a peaceful religion not their own brand of violent and muderous ‘Islam’,they are daily busy killing themselves in the name of Islam and insulting muslims sensibilities by deciding who is a muslim and who is not.UN Rapporteur on human rights is for everybody irrespective of your religious affiliation. The Iranian Islamic scholars and their followers need to be educated and guided.

  8. May Allah guide the misguided inshallah !!!
    Whom Allah appoints guided none shall misguide and yet again whom Allah determines misguided none can guide.
    So bring from among your men and your women from amongst you we shall bring our men and our women from amongst us !!!
    Lest there be no doubts, let’s pray and cast our praise of God almighty to decide who is more guided than the other.
    Curse of Allah be to the misguided.
    Who then would you turn to be more fair than Almighty Allah?
    Come O Persia, O Arabia and O Pakistan if you are truthfull !!!
    Allah shall be sufficient alone to his servants !!!
    Allah knows well wherein you all differ !!!
    “Love for ALL Hatred for NONE” will stand in your twisted ways for every justice that will be served in your favour !!!
    Inshallah !!!