Imran Khan backs off statement that he will make Ahmadi economist his Finance Minister

Imran Khan backs off statement that he will make Ahmadi economist his Finance Minister

Pakistan’s cricketer-turned politician Imran Khan last night backtracked over his support for the Ahmadi economist Atif Mian after receiving serious backlash from Islamist Clerics.

Since August 15th Mr Khan has been leading a sit-in demonstration against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in Islamabad.

On September 13th while addressing the protest he announced that after coming into power, he would never compromise on merit and have people like Professor Atif Mian as his finance minister rather than appointing a relative like Nawaz Sharif’s Samdhi (daughter’s father-in-law) Ishaq Dar.

Atif Mian is a 39 year old Pakistani-American, professor of economics at Princeton University. International Monetary Fund (IMF) named Mian as one of 25 young economists who are expected to be most influential in the decades to come.

In his interview to a Britain based Islamic web channel Khan clarified that he did not intentionally mention Atif Mian and implied that had he known about his faith he would not have done so.

I mentioned the name of Atif Mian because I read in a magazine that he is one of the top 25 economists of the world, I did not know that he ran a campaign against “KhatmeNabuwat  (Finality of Prophethood)” I had no clue about it.

He went on to say:

All should be equal in the eyes of the Law and thats how it was in the state of Medina (Saudi Arabia), Everybody had rights, Christians had rights, Jews had rights … everyone had rights. Those were the rights of all Humans and i say they are all equal in the eyes of the Law but to say that someone who does not believe Prophet (Muhammad SAW) to be the last Prophet is Muslim, that can not happen.

Responding to Imran Khan’s remarks against Ahmadiyya Muslim beliefs Atif Mian who up till now has kept quiet about the issue sent the following tweet to Imran Khan:

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31 thoughts on “Imran Khan backs off statement that he will make Ahmadi economist his Finance Minister

    1. SAS: Thank you for your encouragement. I wish Allah accepts my humble efforts and guides someone with my humble effort. JazakAllah!

  1. Acoording to you mr tufail and mr imran khan and all hypocrates what is hadhrat isa as ?? I was thaught he was a prophet according to you guys he is still a prophet and alive after the holy prophet saw!!! Or did hadhrat isa renounce is prophethood?? Mr tufail you are using the same lame old arguments without any facts and backings!!

  2. No sold reply from any one against Ahamadiys, same old baqwas\ bullshit. Say toba, Islam mey warped ajao. Ketey key bacho do Ur research and come with some thing solid to blame some one non muslim and by the way since when you guys become islam’s thekeydar or to say streight dulley. Please mind your own bussiness and leave every body alone what they believe. Just fix Ur backyard.

  3. Atif Mian, Imran Khan is not playing gods…..but Mirza Ghulam Sahib did call himself God read hisb ook Ruhani Khazain and you will leave this cult unless it is your business and if Allah wants… I will be surprised if my comment gets published….

    1. Adam Sahib, please give a reference to the page and the book where Mirza Sahib says that he is God. Also please read the whole page of that book yourself. Mullahs have made so many allegations based upon sentences, taken out of context, from Mirza Sahib’s books. Also please see that the book is published by the Ahmadiyya Jamaat and is not an abridged version put out by the enemies of Islam. If you are an honest man please do it quick.

    2. Adam Dada sahib, It is obvious you did not read this in any book of Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) yourself. You have just based this allegation on hearsay. This in itself is proof of truth of Ahmadyyat, because all allegations come from mouth of Mulla and based on lies. So please be clear that Hadhrat Ghulam Ahmad (as) has never claimed divinity.
      So you should be doubly surprised; first your comments have been published and second your statement that Hadhrat Ahmad (as) claimed to be god have been proved to be false.
      So I hope you will at least understand that IK plays god when he says that Ahmadis are non Muslims. He claims and preaches to speak truth but himself throws allegations without investigation. It is enough to prove falsehood if someone makes allegations and spreads it from stage without himself investigating the truth.

  4. to all ahmedi/mirzai/qadiani
    Do Taubah and beleive in Allah and his Prophet Muhammad SAW as the last prophet and not in mirza and become a true Muslim. This will benefit you in this life and the next

    1. Mr. Wajid Khan, please read for yourself what Mirza Sahib’s belief about Khatam-e Nabuwwat is. I am sure after reading it you may be willing to ‘do tauba’ and agree that Mirza Sahib believed 100% in Khatam e Nabuwwat and it is only these biased self styled religious scholars of the current Muslim world who have misepresented Ahmadiyya beliefs.

    2. you have become followers of ISIS, Taliban, Al Qaida etc go run behind you diesel mulla or dance in from of your so called parliment….. your filthy mouths do not deserve even saying the name of the Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH)

    3. Wajid Sahib, Belief in Hadhrat Muhammad (saw) leads to believing in His prophesies. He prophesied about differences in His Ummat and that essence of Islam and Iman will be lost. Mullahs will be Ulama in name only. Muslims will be divided into 73 sects. All will be wrong and only one of Jamat will be on right path. This will be the one who will follow Imam of the time. He was to be from the country of Hadhrat Salman Farsi (may Allah be pleased with him) Hadhrat Muhammad (saw) emphasised to follow that Imam who was to be from his Ummat and not from Bani Israel.
      Truth of prophesy is evident. Condition of Muslims of this time speaks for itself. At the prophesied time claimant has come. His jamaat is seeing support of Allah (swt) despite utmost opposition. Islam’s message of peace is being propagated by this jamaat without any worldly power. It is only Allah’s support. No other big kingdom with huge wealth has been able to spread Quranic teachings, building mosques, holding seminars to show beautiful conduct of Hadhrat Muhammad (saw) as effectively as Ahmadyyat under Khilafat.
      May Allah guide us all on right path. this life of ours is limited. All of us have to present ourselves before Allah. That will be a very difficult time. We have to remember and prepare ourselves for that day.

  5. Little they know and little they truly believe in the power and glory of Allah, the exalted. Look at IK, when labelled Kaafir by maulana FR he sites Hadith to tell how Hadhrat Muhammad (saw) was angry when a companion told that he had killed a Kaafir despite his reciting Kalma. When it comes to AHMADIS he forgets all teachings. And how can he say that Ahmadis do not believe in Khatamanbyeen (seal of prophets).
    If he fears Allah he should do istaghfaar for himself and first study the Ahamdyya belief and the claim of Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as), before labeling saying that Ahmadis Belief is contrary to Quran Kareem.

  6. Ahmad Tabshir Choudhury, Bangladesh · Edit

    These politicians can do anything for their own benefit. Look at the past of Z A Bhutto…how he visited Rabwah and saught blessings from Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih III (Rah) before 1970 election !