Himalayan Lynx filmed hunting Markhor for the first time in Pakistan

A new video shows a Himalayan Lynx hunting a Markhor, something that’s never before been captured on film in Pakistan.

The intimate footage was captured by WWF photographer Nyal Mueenuddin on the steep rocky cliffs of Chitral Valley.

The video which was uploaded on April 24th by WWF Pakistan shows the Himalayan Lynx crouching in a camouflaged position behind a rock before charging and taking down a grazing Markhor.

According to WWF the scene unfolded when WWF field production team and the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Wildlife Department were busy filming a group of markhor grazing in the Tooshi-Shasha Wildlife Conservancy.

The Himalayan lynx is one of the most elusive and powerful cats living in these mountains, rivaled only by the famous snow leopard. As an apex predator, the lynx plays an essential role in maintaining the balance and health of this complex mountain ecosystem.