Governor of Palestinian city of Hebron welcomes delegation of Ahmadiyya charity Humanity First

Governor of Palestine’s second largest city of Hebron Kamel Hemeid welcomed a delegation of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s charity Humanity First and briefed them on the overall situation in the province.

Humanity First was founded by the 4th Head of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Mirza Tahir Ahmad in 1993 to help with the hunger crisis in Somalia and the war in Bosnia. This was the time when the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community tried to help the victims of these crises, but could not do so directly being a religious organization.

The delegation was headed by the charity Director Dr. Aziz Hafiz and included President of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Kababir, Mohammad Sharif Odeh. Dr. Hafiz discussed how the charity can work with the Palestinian Government to support projects that help the Palestinian people. He also discussed ways of providing scholarships to Palestinian students.