Geo TV attacks Ahmadiyya Muslim minority, brands them “enemies of Pakistan”

In a morning TV show on Pakistan’s most watched TV channel televangelist Aamir Liaquat Hussain along with panel of Muslim clerics declared Ahmadiyya Muslims “enemies of Pakistan” and “enemies of Islam”.

Responding to the broadcast the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community issued the following statement:

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community condemns a recent edition of the programme, ‘Subh e Pakistan’, broadcast in Pakistan on GEO Television on 22 December 2014, hosted by Amir Liaquat Hussein, in which so-called religious scholars made completely false allegations about the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

In what can only be described as ‘hate-speech’, the language used was both inflammatory and defamatory and clearly designed to incite religious hatred against Ahmadi Muslims living in Pakistan and further afield.

In the current programme that aired on 22 December, Ahmadi Muslims are described as “enemies of Islam” and “enemies of Pakistan”. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is described as a “common enemy” for all Pakistanis. Pakistanis are urged to put aside all their religious differences and unite together in opposition against the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

It is also claimed that Ahmadi Muslims are involved in various ‘plots’ against Pakistan and that they are to blame for the terrorism that is currently prevalent in the country. An attempt is even made to link the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community to the Peshawar school attack of 16 December – even though a well-known terrorist organisation has openly and proudly claimed to have conducted that heinous attack on innocent schoolchildren.

In 2008, a similar programme broadcast by GEO TV and also hosted by Amir Liaquat Hussein described Ahmadi Muslims as ‘Wajibul Qatl’ — meaning that it was a ‘duty’ of Muslims to murder them. Following the broadcast of that programme 2 well-known Ahmadi Muslim leaders were brutally martyred within two days.

In 1974, the Pakistan Constitution was amended to declare the Ahmadiyya Community as non-Muslim. Since then Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan have faced continued persecution and discrimination.

In 1984, the self-representation and practice of Islam by the members of the Ahmadiyya Community was made criminal, and in some cases, subject to the death penalty.Pakistani Ahmadis can be arrested simply for saying, “Assalam-o-ALikum (peace be upon you)” .

The United Nations Sub-Commission on Human Rights and numerous human rights organizations have all called for the repeal of all criminal laws, which prohibit the religious freedom of the Ahmadiyya Community in Pakistan.

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  1. If words are weapons then non Liaqt liar should be thrown out of Geo.If Geo wants a real life.It has to operate on its cancer otherwise it will kill the whole Geo.

    1. These Mullahs should be given exemplary punishment. The beautiful teachings of Islam never allows anything what the mullahs are doing in the name of Islam.

  2. I damn care what qadiani says about Muslims … But qadiani is “kafir” and amir liaqat and other ulama blamed on “khawarij” … All qadianis were minority of Pakistan unless they offer “toba”..

  3. noble people say that when a dog is domes to die he enters a mosque. May ALLAH save Pakistan from this fake Dr and scholar.

  4. when talibaan accept the responsibility then why are ahmadis are bieng shot. when ahmadis says that it should be banned the punishment of hanging.

  5. I am a simple Muslim and do not support ahmadi’s but Stupid Mullah’s do u knew who is the father of nuclear power of Pakistan , he was a ahmadi (Abdus Salam )…. u Morons on TV …

  6. This the text book example hate speech, misleading information spread, people sitting I the show do not have carriage to stand up say that wrong. These ill informed, closed minded, have know knowledge of Islam and world. They are like a frog from a deep dark well, who never saw a light of day, and neither he want to see the light. I hope and pray that Allah save Pakistan from these mullahs from deep dark well of ignorance. Ameen.

  7. Geo tv should take responsibility of inciting hatred through certain mindset against peaceful community. Human life is extremely precious and people who spread hatred against any community should be held responsible and accountable. Exploitation of religion for personal gains is one of the most disrespectful actions which can be carried out by some individuals but can spread like a weed if unchecked. Programs aired by geo tv in the name of religion has taken few lives and if these sort of programs are allowed to be broadcasted, a lot more people will end up losing their lives.

  8. Allah HIMSELF. will do some thing to punish these MUllahs, what to talk about amir the well known liar and hated person.his days are counted.

    1. Allegations against ahmadi community are not New.well it is shame for liaquat to Exposé mullahs in such a Männer against peace loving ahmadiyya community and patriotic Pakistani’s and this communtiy played a lmportant roll to build pakistan and gave there lives for The sake of this nation .these so called mullahs should read the history of pakistan these cunning mullah’s were anti pakistan and Were not in favour of Pakistan.may Allah save our beloved nation Form these so called mullah’s.

  9. That’s going on Worst reputed Govt channel, It was clear all the way that Extremist Mullah is behind this barbaric incidence of Peshawar and now they are trying to divert the attention of innocent pakistanis with this propaganda with out any proof, and Who is going to fund these channel and Mullah, surely the enemies of the country and the hand behind Peshawar incidence

  10. The GEO TV had gone through a big crisis recently and still going through but not realizing that its all because of these Mullahs so called Islamic Jehadists, specially Amir Liaqat, nothing but a juggler. Holy Prophet called about these Mullahs, the worst people on the earth, Ref. Hadiths.
    Its GEO TV more than Mullahs who is promoting such illicit programs which give birth to hate versus hate and one day they will be responsible for loosing Pakistan, but never take responsibility.

  11. Same Amir Liaqat who had conducted a program on 7th September which resulted in two to three martyrdom of Ahmadis…he denied in another program that he did not do such thing. Then he conducted a Majlis of Shias and spoke ill against Khulafa and Ummul Momineen Hazrat Aisha ra. The real curse is on this so short sighted memory nation.

  12. There is a greeting phrase for these 3 Mullahs and Amir Liaqat, لعنت اللھ علی الکاذبین
    This program should be reported to military Court and Nawaz Shareef who has promised to punish those who spread hatred against any sect.

  13. Don’t worry it is common saying in Pakistan that if two fish would fought in pacific ocean ,then qadianis would be responsible for that fight.

  14. This liaqat and other extremist mullahs r very bad now they trying to convert government attention towards Ahmadiyya community Ahmadiyya community is peace lonving and Pakistan loving community these mullahs r spreading hatred May Allah tear these mullahs in to peaces and take care of Ahmadiyya community specially in Pakistan May Allah be with them ameen

  15. Enough is Enough. I am shocked ,that they are not yet awake. I stopped Geo channel 858 from Rogers from August.Geo should fear Allah.Who are they to say such hate crime.Remember the rope of oppression is long.Allah will annihilate them.They themselves are enemies of Islam and Pakistan. Geo is blind.

  16. رسول پاک صلی اللہ کے حوالے سے کسی فرد ، جماعت کے خلاف جھوٹ بولنا بھی گستاخی رسول ہے، اور گستاخ رسول کی سزا ۔ سر تن سے جدا – جاہل عامر لیاقت گستاخ رسول ہے۰

  17. Salaam to all ahmadies brothers and sisters in pakistan and all over the world.I am very proud to be a Ahmadi I seen this program these mullahs again accept we ahmadies are write and they are time they said we all a same but the ahmadies in one side.the one of Hades prophet of God Muhammad(PBUH)May Allah please with him said my Jamat in one side the other 72 is one side that mullahs shows again we are the Ahmadi muslim one side alhamdolillah ahmdiyyat Zindabad

  18. Irresponsible statements by the deen ke tajir. If a group of Muslims do not talk, act and behave peace, and don’t care for the world around them, they are part of the political gang calling themselves Muslims to push other people into obedience. No one will be safe with them monsters.

  19. These Mullahs and the Fake Alim Liaquat when they see public turning against them like now after the killings in cold blood of Peshawar School Kids they then turn their attention towards the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community to blame them for anything happening to Muslims anywhere, for turning the heat away from themselves.
    Hopefully public has got wiser and know the misdeeds of these mullahs. They themselves are cosying up to Talibans and condoning their crimes to humanity.

    1. Allah will not going to forgive them for is speech (Allah ki lahi ba awaz ha jab wo jis par bahi chal ti ha yus ko lag pata chal jata ha)