Former ‘Harf e Raaz’ co-host lashes out at Orya Maqbool Jan

In a leaked call, former co-host of ‘Harf e Raaz’ lashed out against Orya Maqbool Jan for being a “hypocrite” and having an “illicit relationship” with the show’s producer.

The damning claims were made by Jameel Farooqui in a phone call with Canada’s Rawal TV. Farooqui lamented that due to the nature of his job he was forced to share the screen with someone who had “extremist views”. He claimed: “When you are on screen, it’s not just one person it’s two, so if the U.S. or Denmark choose to ban him, the other will also have to face the same”

Referencing to Orya Maqbool Jan’s numerous hate-filled broadcasts against the minority Ahmadis, Farooqui said:

“If negative emotions arose against one person within a selected community then I am sure it would have been the same for the second person [who was sharing the screen with him].”

Calling Jan extremely ignorant Farooqui said, ” He talks about enforcing the Islamic faith….however he has no intellect, his brain is another girl in our office, who is the producer of his program for the past eight years.”

Referring to Jan’s romantic involvement with his program producer, he said:

“He goes on dates with her, with rooms booked. He picks her up and drops her home daily, everyone knows that, and dares to call her his daughter”

While referring to Harf e Raaz’s producer, Farooqui said: “She was associated with Hizb ul Tahrir, an extremist Jihadi group. She greatly admires Jan and all she wants is him on the screen, and he does what she demands”

Rabwah Times has reached out to Orya Maqbool Jan for comment but received no response at the time of publishing.