Algeria goes after the Ahmadiyya, urges Ahmadis to accept “non-Muslim” status

Algeria has warned followers of the Ahmadiyya Islamic sect in the country against “propagating their faith”

In recent months Algerian security services have arrested and charged dozens of Ahmadis in a nationwide sweep against the Islamic sect.

Speaking about the crack down on Ahmadis, the country’s Minister of Religious, Mohamad Issa said:

“The Ahmadis are not Muslims, and their acknowledgment of this could enable them to live in Algeria, according to the country’s laws that govern the non-Muslim way of living”

Issa further said:

“We do not want to throw Ahmadis into the sea, they just have to say that they are not Muslims, We have laws in this country that govern religious practices of non-Muslims and keep them in check”

The Minister of Religious Affairs went on to denounce Ahmadiyya sect’s beliefs and said:

“The Ahmadis are raising allegations against Islam and confusing the masses, the National Supreme Islamic Council has confirmed that Ahmadis are not Muslims and the Ministry is working with Imams across the country to let the public know that Ahmadiyya is a perversion of Islam”

He added, “The security forces are investigating the finances and foreign funding of this community. ”

In its 2016 report, Human Rights organization Amnesty International condemned the persecution of Ahmadis and urged Algerian authorities to release members of the sect.

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