Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s stall at Kolkata Book Fair attracts huge attention

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s booth attracted huge attention at the International Kolkata Book Fair which ran from 28th Jan 2015 to 8th Feb 2015. The community has taken part in the fair since 1977.

The 39th International Kolkata Book Fair was opened by by British journalist and TV news presenter Anita Anand and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. The theme of this year was “Great Britain”. Representatives of USA, Bangladesh, Japan, Germany, Turkey and several other countries also participated in the book fair by setting up their own stalls.

The main highlight of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s stall was the translation of the Holy Quran in 60 languages which included local & foreign translations.

During the course of the fair Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth distributed thousands of pamphlets and leaflets in various languages. The community also gave away books on the Life of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) for free .

A delegation from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Kolkata visited stalls and exhibits set up by other fair participants and presented them books on the life of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. The delegation also visited Prof. Amartya Sen(Nobel Laureate & Economist), Mr. Ali Hayder (Author U.K.), Mrs. Sire Sheraze (Author U.K.) and presented them Khalifa of Islam’s book World Crisis & Pathway to Peace.

The stall also streamed the community’s 24/7 TV channel MTA for the volunteers and visitors to watch.