Ahmadiyya Muslim Community urges Obama to accept more Syrian refugees

In a press release issued on September 14th 2015 America’s oldest Muslim group urged President Obama to accept more Syrian refugees.

In Monday’s statement The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA expressed its sympathy for all genuine asylum seekers and refugees.

The statement said:

Syrian refugees are facing immense and ongoing difficulties. They have been forced to leave their countries due to the intolerable conditions and so should be treated with love, compassion and kindness.

Countries should not hesitate to take refugees due to risk of extremism, but should instead maintain consistent security measures as always to ensure a peaceful and compassionate transition.

Vice President of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA Wasim Ahmad Malik said:

“This is not just a European issue, but a global issue,”

“Nations are setting examples in welcoming refugees with open arms. We should also join the effort to bring peace to families who left everything behind”

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community also urged governments to develop a long-term coordinated plan to relocate refugees globally.