Ahmadiyya mosque demolished in Lodhran

Jattwala, District Lodhran: Ahmadiyya community in Jattwala, district Lodhran intended to build a place for their worship. Ali Hasan, a member of Lashkr-e-Taiba (a religious outfit banned for its terrorist activities), filed an application in the District Superintendent Police Office to stop its construction. The SHO came to the site on the order of his superiors and ordered a stop to the construction and told both the parties to report to him in the police station the next day. There, Ahmadis agreed that they would build only a hall for community functions and provide no niche and minarets. Their opponents agreed to this, and the police allowed the construction.

Later on, some mullahs (clerics) and press reporters came to the site again and started making hue and cry that a mosque was under construction. They gathered approximately 500 men and were about to demolish the construction but were dissuaded by some notables of the area from doing that. A delegation of mullahs and press reporters met the District Coordination Officer and put further pressure on him to demolish the Ahmadiyya hall. The DCO succumbed to their pressure tactics and ordered the Tehsil Municipal Officer to demolish the construction forthwith. The police came to the site and demolished the building.More than 60% construction on the double storey building had been completed when it was torn down.

Some press reporters and television teams came to the site and recorded the statements of agitating clerics. They expressed satisfaction over the co-operation of authorities in the demolition of the Ahmadiyya mosque and vowed to demolish the Ahmadiyya mosque in Lodhran city as “it had become a place of terrorist activities”.

Ahmadis in Adaa Zakheera, Kahroar Pakka, Dunyapur, Lodhran and Qutubpur live in fear of death threats by Ahle-Sunnat wal Jamaat members.