Ahmadis have it the worst: Asma Jahangir

Ahmadis have it the worst: Asma Jahangir

Pakistan’s leading Human Rights activist Asma Jahangir has said that Ahmadiyya Muslims are the most persecuted religious minority in Pakistan. Jahangir made the remarks while speaking at the Hudson Institute on May 18th, in Washington D.C. The event was moderated by Pakistan’s former ambassador to the United States, Husain Haqqani.

Answering a question about Pakistan’s anti-Ahmadiyya laws Jahangir said:

The supreme court in one of the cases many years ago had given a judgement on the Ahmadi issue which I find revolting in terms of human rights, it is a revolting judgement which says that a muslim has copyright over certain things and no one can copy it.

The worst are the Ahmadis in Pakistan, not only in Pakistan but [even] in Indonesia & Bangladesh the Ahmadis are being persecuted. I say that it is the worst kind of persecution in Pakistan [because] the persecution is by the state and there is a law which by name says [Ahmadis] can not do this or do that. There are thousands of [court] cases against them. They are constantly in and out of courts.

She went on to say:

What i find even worse is the kind of discrimination that Ahmadi children have to face in schools and colleges and at times even violence because of their religion

Anyone who speaks to defend them is also painted as a heretic, the worst and most horrifying thing is that they [Ahmadis] are considered to be Wajibul Qatal [which] means that you can kill them and that would not be a sin, So anyone who supports them also becomes Wajibul Qatal.

Speaking on the issue of Ahmadiyya persecution, Pakistan’s former ambassador to the United States, Husain Haqqani said:

“They are completely disfranchised under the electoral laws because unless they acknowledge themselves as non-Muslims they can’t vote as non-Muslims and since they are [declared] not Muslims they can not vote as Muslims so that’s another important discrimination against the Ahmadiyya community.”



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6 thoughts on “Ahmadis have it the worst: Asma Jahangir

  1. The definition of a Muslim was absolutely clear for 1400 years. The recognition of a Muslim was through the Kalima. But in order to implement their political agenda the Ahmadees were declared non Muslim. And Ziaulhaq furthered the agony of the people of Pakistan by imposing serious punishments to Ahmadees if they read the Quran or pose to be Muslims by words or actions. Practically everyday all the Ahmadees pray five times a day. Read the Quran and pose as Muslims every moment of their life. So they are all punishable by virtue of that law.
    Any right thinking human being, and Muslims more importantly because they have been blessed with a more superior religious law , should realise the following
    1. That the Muslims in Pakistan are not recognised as Muslims because they recite the Kalima. They are considered Muslims by signing a man made statement.
    2. By signing that statement they are also violating the clause of the Qursn which says ” in religion there is no compulsion ”
    If there is fear of Allah, no one would dare go against the teachings of the Quran. But the man made laws of a dictator has subjected every Pakistani who makes a passport and NIC to commit a folly against his own faith. May Allah protect the innocent from the punishments arising out of this grievous mistake. Ameen.
    As far As Ahmadees are concerned they are as much answerable to Allah as anyone else. Certainly no one will be punished for what the Ahmadees believe in. But all those who are involved in persecution should read the Quran to understand what is the status who persecute and falsely accuse or kill others.

  2. Sakina Masud it is you who is the bigest liar while Asma Jhangir and Hussain Haqqani are saying the truth which if you have not mortgaged your conscince would agree that Ahmadis are being discriminated against and persecuted on the grounds of religious belief. Ahmadis believe in the holy Prophet Muhammed sws as the last law bearing Prophets of Allah swt .We believe in and practice all five pillars of Islam, so anyone who says we are not Muslims is suffering from mental disorder and ignorant as far as Islam is concerned. Nobody has the right to call anyone who says he is a muslim non-muslim. Only Allah has the sole right to give judgement of who is a muslim and who is not. By the special grace of Almighty Allah Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at is firmly established in all continent of the world and in 208 countries under the Khalifah of Islam, propagating the true Islam depiste all these disciminatinations and persecutions ,Wa ma karuu wa ma kara llahu wa llahu khaerul makriina.

  3. This is one of the biggest lie by asma jhangir that Ahmed s are discriminated on the grounds of religious belief ,no every human being is creation of Allah and those who do nt believe on Prophet Mahammad sws Last messenger of Allah are out of circle of Islam .When someone enters into Islam his Shada is not commented unless recites and believe on Oneness of Allah and Prophet Mahammad sws is His Last messenger. So it is right to say those who do not believe in Prophet Mahammad sws to be last messenger of Allah are infidels
    Despite of the fact they believe and preach Quran ,pray to Allah but they are disobedient to Allah who says in Quran Prophet Mahammad sws is Last prophet.

    1. Asslamoalikum sekena I think you don’t know much about ahmadi muslims .plz keep in mind that ahmadi muslims belive one God and Holy prophet saw as a last propet .ahmadi muslim belive that holy prophet saw was khatamunabiyyen. And there will be no new sharia after him .they are all muslims .and simple if you say you are muslim I should belive .because it’s a matter of you and your God .I have no right to say some one a non muslim.if he says he is muslim.

  4. It is good to hear hard truth from USA. Alas respected Lady had said it so loudly while in Pakistan. Same is true for ex diplomat. When faced with hard opposition or when in power every one avoids talking about Ahmadies. However when confronted with hard facts without the fear of opposition all speak truth.

    1. Zubair Khan Sahib, its but natural to be diplomatic to stay in power and keep his/her port folio, and there are very very few Muttaqeen to act otherwise and stand for justice come what may. Still we are grateful for them that eventually they listen to their Conscious. Hope other will follow in listening to the voice of their Conscious, and hence humanity will return to Homeland. Allah may protect them from every evil, Aameen. Zarif Ahmad