Ahmadis fearful of celebrating Eid in Rabwah

“The right to celebrate Eid and other Islamic traditions has been snatched away from us because they are associated to Islam and since we have been declared non-Muslim we can not celebrate”

In 1974 Pakistan declared the Ahmadis a non-Muslim minority using a constitutional amendment. Since then they have been stopped from celebrating “Muslims Holy Festivals.”

60-year-old Ijaz Ahmad is a resident of Rabwah and works in a small company. He says like every year he likes to celebrate Eid like others by bringing a sacrificial animal to his home. He says:

“We can not take these animals out like other Pakistanis as we belong to the Ahmadiyya community because of which we are harassed and our freedom has been taken away from us.”

“We also like to celebrate Eid al-Adha like the rest of Muslims but we can not do so due to objections by the locals and the Government, our freedom is meaningless.”

55-year-old Mohammed Akbar who is also a resident of Rabwah and runs a local educational institute says he frequently travels for business but no country treats him this way.

“Dubai is also an Islamic country but everybody has freedom, there we offer sacrifice and socialize with the local Muslim community and people rarely discriminate against us but here in Pakistan there are so many restrictions”

He went on to say that last year members of Ahmadiyya community were even stopped from offering Eid prayers in Lahore, Nankana Sahib, Gujranwala, and Sargodha. The authorities even took away the sacrificial animals from the Ahmadis and were only given back after Eid.

Akber says he wants to do a lot for Pakistan but due to his religious beliefs, he faces a lot of obstacles.

Another resident of Rabwah, 40-year-old Abdul Lateef says that “during Pakistan’s Independence no one asked about the faith of those who lost their lives, When bodies were dropping no one asked if the person was Ahmadi or not. All that we cared for was that the person gave up their life for Pakistan.

“Before the 1974 law, everyone used to eat in the same bowl as till then we had not been declared non-Muslim, the restrictions came afterward.”

“The right to celebrate Eid including other Islamic traditions has been snatched away from us because they are associated with Islam and since we have been declared non-Muslim we can not celebrate”

He says he also wants the freedom to offer Eid prayers and carry out the animal sacrifice like the rest of Pakistanis but unfortunately the anti-Ahmadiyya laws come in the way.

40-year-old Tanveer Ahmad says he want to follow the Abrahamic tradition of sacrifice like the rest but he can’t as it is against the law and prevented by the authorities.

15-year old award-winning student Sitarah Brooj Akbar who also belongs to Ahmadiyya community and is currently working as a Pakistani Youth Ambassador in Dubai has come to spend her Eid holidays in Rabwah.

She says Dubai is also an Islamic country but equal respect is given to all religions and sects and no hatred is spread against anyone, yet in Pakistan minorities always have a hard time.

“Our country is unable to progress because we are stuck in issues of very less importance like these”

She says:

Eid is joyful because of friends and family but if we are only going to sit at home, being fearful of what might happen if we celebrate then what is the purpose of such a celebration.

Ehsan Rehan
Ehsan is a Washington D.C. based reporter who covers Human Rights & Religious Freedom issues.@Ehzan

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  1. مذھب کی تاریخ میں ایسی مخالفت پہلی بار ھو رھی ھے کہ ایسے عقائد کیوں اختیار کئے ھیں جو اکثریت کے عقائد سے ملتے جلتے ھیں ۔ قبل ازیں انبیاء کی مخالفت اس وجہ سے ھوتی تھی کہ انبیاء نیا مذھب لاتے تھے جبکہ اب کی مخالفت اس وجہ سے ھے کہ احمدی وھی کلمہ کیوں پڑھتے ھیں نماز کیوں ادا کرتے ھیں ۔ حالانکہ ان باتوں سے تو انھیں خوش ھونا چاھیے تھا۔ ان کے اعمال اس بات کے غماز ھیں کہ یہ نبی پاک کے دشمنوں کے نفس قدم پر چل رھے ھیں۔

  2. Our dear brethren in Pakistan, rejoice of the promises of Allah which you and indeed all the occupants of the Ark of Noah of the present Age have been given. If you are not treated this way how could Hazrat Imam Mahdi (a.s.) be likened to Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) when the beginning of rainfall and its end are alike? On the same footing, the enemies of the Jama’at-i-Ahmadiyya shall suffer humiliation at the end just as the Meccan infidels following the fulfilment of the Prohet’s vision – entry into Mecca. The present mullahs and their stooges masquerading in political garbs are either totally ignorant of the sacrifices Ahmadis made to bring the dream of Pakistan to fruition or are aware but deliberately conceal same from the younger generation. But Allah shall bring to light whatever they are concealing. Your Eid has been accepted by Allah, the Almighty. It was better these mullahs are never born. The will of Allah will certainly come to pass, though the wicked ones may dislike it. Rejoice brothers, for the help of Allah is near. No one can frustrate the plan of Allah.

  3. Pakistan headed for its own doom when in 1974 Bhutto declared us non Muslims.
    Then followed by his hanging to death Zia made sure that these ordinances were carried out and how much pain Ahmadies felt.
    Allah the Almighty caught these two illiterate wanna be Gods red handedly and they were humiliatedly & found their fate to the miserable death and demise.
    After prophetic words of Khalifatul Masih al Rabe (ra) the snakes were taken care of then.
    But then he also promised that “haya hatta matla hil fajr” that that morning is not far when we shall avail all freedom and democracy against these rules created by the ignorant and the arrogant pair of coward human beings.
    Lest we forget, our prayers and support is always behind every Ahmadi of Pakistan today and everyday.
    Inshallah !!
    That morning is not far that we are going to see very soon when it will all come to pass !!
    Every wish and every tear drop will surely account to your happiness that day O brothers and sisters of our great nation !!!
    Keep calm and our prayers shall always attain the utmost grace and rahm for all of you who are affected by this suppression and jealousy today.
    We wish you all our hearty Eid Mubarak as Allah has accepted your sacrifices anyway !!!
    So do not lose that hope as we are also praying in our sajdahs for you to come and celebrate with us regardless of these few obstacles that stop you today.
    Our sacrifices is yours. May Allah Almighty defend and accept all your wishes and prayers to the very best !!!
    Inshallah !!